The stable version of Firefox 66 on Android supports the Prohibition of the audio playback automatically

There are a few annoying things when surfing the internet, most notably running the media that is run automatically, the screen pop-up ads that annoy the user too much, generally now focus on the media which make a noise is not welcome ever, where companies are trying to the owners of the browsers create the conditions for its users, and this is what we see really with Mozilla.

Where starting from version Firefox 66 is expected to arrive in its final form in full this month, the browser will prohibit playback of audio automatically, to have this option activated by default, thus won’t be able to websites of audio playback without user intervention, and on the desktop, a notification pops up asking if you want to run the website automatically media.

Finally this feature is now available in version test Firefox 66 “beta” and is available for download as an APK you can download it from here, and as noted earlier will be the availability of this version in its full and final this month.

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