The staff of Amazon are demanding the company put their complete plan to confront climate change

موظفو أمازون يطالبون شركتهم بوضع خطة كاملة لمواجهة التغير المناخي

Sent 3541 employees in the company Amazon’s demand letter and to its executive director Jeff Pisa centre and a number of administrators and others claiming company to put in place a plan to confront climate change; build on what has been reached from previous recommendations by shareholders as well as the recommendations of other download in including an amendment substantially on the work of the current company.

Where stressed staff on the need to dissuade the company from the use of fossil fuels and the alternatives of using the ways of clean energy and environmentally friendly not only reduce the carbon dioxide emission, but also to find a lasting solution to those problems which include the car registration, which run on diesel and have a negative impact on the environment, as stated claim is to stop those projects the amount of fossil fuels which are represented here … with Amazon Web Services competent companies drilling for oil and natural gas.

In student the message is to be political change in line with the report of the International Commission of climate change of the IPCC, which means to reduce harmful emissions by half by 2030 and get rid of them fully by the year 2050, taking into account any disruptions that may occur in the future as a result of this may lead to damage of the crew working and having treatment of your company to them in a fair way then.

Discussed staff a number of other issues relating to the policy of the company’s future and plans of environmentally friendly in manufacturing lines and production and put it to a schedule to do this, where she had announced a number of wind farms to produce clean energy in each of Ireland, Sweden and the United States, but this does not mean that the police will apply the full plan to confront climate change soon, it will continue to do the exercises about the demands of the staff as I think it probably.

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