The staff of Apple are not able to cope with the glass doors in the new building

Love Apple glass buildings, LED ultimately to the injury of many employees unable to cope in the new building. A new report revealed details about the call Apple for the emergency services to help the many employees who have been injured after the rest with glass walls, and did not require hospitalization, but has been put bars injuries adhesive on their heads. Was the opening of the new building last year, but a small number of staff who have moved to early this year. After the accidents, the starting staff using the marks on the walls to distinguish them, but they were removed because they distort the design of the building! Legally, Apple may relate to the project because of violations of the workplace. Where laws require California employees must be protected from the risk of infection through the barriers, and thus can be fined if the police didn’t find a solution. This is not the first time that you find Apple itself in trouble because of its vision of architecture that did not give priority to safety. In 2012, a woman raised the 83-year-old lawsuit against the company after it hit a glass door at Apple and broke her nose. Source: MarketWatch

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