The Starhopper spacecraft from SpaceX rose to a height of 150 metres, as it was

“Well, the second time certainly will!”. Perhaps it is thought of Elon Musk, when the timer to run Starhopper prototype spaceship Starship was only a few seconds. The first launch was cancelled on 26 August for 1 second before the start, but the second time the unit has successfully risen into the air and slowly sat down after a short flight, what Musk gleefully reported in his Twitter.

Guys, how is it you without gravitsapu stone roll out of the garage? This disorder…

The second flight of Starhopper

A few seconds after starting Starhopper

During the vertical test flight of Starhopper has successfully risen to the height of 150 meters, and then smoothly landed on the ground. Despite the fact that SpaceX wanted to conduct flight at a height of 200 meters, the Federal office of civil aviation (FAA) issued a permit to “jump” not above 150 meters.

By tradition the flight took place in Boca Chica, Texas. It lasted about one minute.

Successful landing Starhopper

At first, the craft could barely get off the ground, as we wrote in our channel in Yandex.Zen. As the first major test of Starhopper was held recently — in July this year. Then the ship rose to a height of only 20 meters, but it was already in strong progress: before I had any problems. So, before the first start, he caught fire during the tests. A week before that incident occurred a similar incident, only then fire was even more ambitious.

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Starhopper literally the name translates as “Jumper to the stars”, and the device is really more like a space ship, and on the barrel. Although wait, isn’t this Stone?

Stone (left) and Starhopper (right)

Why Starhopper explodes

In fact, even a rise of 150 meters is a huge achievement for SpaceX and Elon musk. Previously, the company could not solve the problem with the leaking fuel, causing its experimental spacecraft exploded before the start. This spring, for the same reason exploded spacecraft Crew Dragon, which the company intends to use for manned flights into Earth orbit. A little later, SpaceX engineers had identified the cause and, perhaps, for this test Starhopper has fixed the problem.

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When Starhopper will fly into space

Prototype Starhopper should form the basis of a huge space spaceship Starship, equipped with 6 engines Raptor. It is also going to develop the first stage Super Heavy, which will be equipped with 35 engines Raptor. With it, the device will be displayed on the orbit.

“One day Starship landed on the Sands of Mars,” answers this question himself, Elon Musk. However, to complete the flight, SpaceX needs to conduct at least two tests: vertical flight at a height of 500 meters and 5,000 meters. In the future, Musk is going to use the ship Starship to deliver people and cargo to the moon and to Mars. Another option is the use of the ship as a transport in the earth atmosphere. In this case, allegedly, the flight from Moscow to new York will take about 30-60 minutes.

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