The startup Circle launched its own stablon USDC. What does it mean?

Cryptocurrency startup Circle, the owner of the Poloniex exchange, released stablon token that provided the dollar. Coin received the name of USDC, writes Cointelegraph.

The company claim that in the near future the coin will appear in the listing of several major exchanges, including decentralized. Among them DigiFinex, CoinEx, KuCoin, OKCoin, Coinplug, XDAEX and other platforms. First, the token will only be available on the exchange Poloniex. Its holders will also be able to store their coins in wallets, BitGo, Cobo, Coinbase Wallet, CoolWallet S, Elph, imToken, Ledger, Status, and Trust.

New stabilini

USDC developed a subsidiary company called Circle CENTRE and will allow you to easily move licenzirovanie dollars in public blockchains.

Buy a coin at the moment, only for US dollars, but bring USDC in Fiat money will at any time and for any Bank account, add to Circle.

It is transparent, safe and trustworthy tool which allows you to replace Fiat money. So we can take a step towards a truly revolutionary global economy based on cryptocurrency.

In early September, own stablon released exchange brothers the Winklevoss Gemini. The token was named GUSD and is based on the standard ERC-20, the Issuer is a subsidiary company exchange Gemini Trust. The company argued that the GUSD pegged to the dollar at a 1:1 ratio, and funds for its support are stored in the accounts of the Gemini Trust American Bank State Street Bank.

In July, scientists from the University of Texas said that provided the dollar token Tether was used to manipulate the Bitcoin exchange rate at the end of 2017. The researchers claimed that it has an impact not only on the first cryptocurrency, but also on the entire market.


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