The “statement of affairs” in the wind after the breakthrough company Spy

In the past when I was a man in his wife would say, hire a person listed, that which you might have seen in one of the movies has become a part of the past already, because now he can buy one of the commercial software, the one that is installed on the victim’s phone to provide export its data. If you think that this method is safe for you to know that there destined to sit on the stalker.

According to a new report from the website of Motherboard has already been stealing data from one of the company’s commercial software, you might want to make sure that the data when using this software is completely safe.

According to the report, the ID is not recognized it could penetrate a company SpyHuman that offer the services of commercial software and steal customer data. The company itself as a tool to monitor kids and employees however they will certainly offer services to the Parties to the relationships which already appeared in the earlier announcement of the company when considering the history of advertising.

And like the rest of the commercial software tools that the company monitor the statements of the victim and send them to your company’s server, and even it is used the tool must be on the person that installs it himself on the victim’s phone to run the tool in background without to feel the victim any is strange.

According to the description of the company itself the tool of your trade, provide spy on text messages, calls, locations via GPS in addition to messages facebook and WhatsApp. With these services the tool provides also enjoy open mic victim remotely to what he says at any time. All this works through the Control Panel one shows the people doing all the What is get it second by second without the need to wait, excellent service for you?

Before the company confirms that the data that were hacked belong to their customers, confirmed the site Motherboard that the inventor has already performed to obtain data which included the 440 million calls at the record company own currencies in addition to the broadcast of alive messages received by the customer from their victims. The use of such tools to monitor your baby, or position that works for you, or anyone else is not recommended because it away that it is unacceptable violation of the particularity of the person, he knows these statements to someday become public.

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