The Steam application Link to stream PC games on Android already in Google Play

Not so long ago we reported about the plans of Valve to release apps that would allow you to play your games from Steam on devices running Android. It happened. Steam Link (BETA) can already be installed on your smartphone, tablet, TV or console running Android TV.

If you haven’t heard Steam is the largest gaming platform, which allows you to buy games, game objects and interact with other players. She joined hundreds of thousands of games and millions of players. Valve, which is behind the creation of Steam, started to manufacture their own devices like the Steam Controller or Steam Link. Today you can install a beta version of their Steam app for Android Link.

The app you need to stream any game from your PC on the screen of the smartphone, tablet, or TV. To work streaming the device must be on the same network. If we are talking about a wireless network, it must support 5 GHz. In addition, for the game you will need a Bluetooth controller or Steam Controller. That’s all, time to play.

Application: Steam Link (BETA)
Developer: Valve Corporation
Category: Entertainment
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 183 human

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