The Steam store lose the game is another key for the store Epic Games Store


In the last year, the company Epic Games announced its plans to launch Store games for personal computers, which is the store where the company will host its own games in addition to gaming companies and developers of others. It looked like a very daunting task to improve the Steam store, a subsidiary of Valve, which became the store being used by many companies to launch their games on personal computers.

The company announced Deep Siler recently that the game Metro Exodus will make their way to the Steam Store, but will make her way to the store Epic Games Store where the game will be exclusive. It seems that this move was a surprise because Valve has already put a page for pre-order for the game Metro Exodus on the Steam Store, but they stopped this page since then. However, it has stated that the persons who submitted their applications prior to get the game and DLC own will benefit their money.

According to the company Valve, has stated by saying : ” We believe that the decision to remove the game unfair for customers of Steam, especially after a long period of availability for pre-order. We believe the customers of Steam who were expecting to be available for sale in February 15, but we didn’t we only just recently the decision was not giving us only a limited time to notify everyone. “

Note that the game Metro Exodus will be available exclusively on the store Epic Games permanently, the company Deep Silver that the game will be released to other stores after February 14, 2020. This is not the first game to lose its Steam store for store Epic Games Store recently, it has announced Ubisoft’s turn in the recent past that it will launch a game of The Division 2 on the store Epic Games Store.

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