The stores will soon be eating out of electricity, water and air

Fun fact: three-quarters of all products to the world’s population put a total of 12 plant species and 5 animal species. To diversify our diet and do not harm the environment, scientists will invent new kinds of food. On the production of artificial meat , we have already heard. The Finnish company Solar Foods promises within two years to make new food revolution. She will release a product that is possible to say that only of three ingredients: electricity, water, and air. And they are very confident in its success.

The development company estimates at € 4 (72 rubles) per kilogram. Looks and feels tastes like wheat flour. This year Solar Foods is going to license the Commission of the European Union. After the start of commercial production. The market launch is scheduled for 2021. The company is confident that it will be able to sell their products at least 50 million. In addition, it has signed an agreement with the European space Agency and will give him special food high in protein. It will be used for space missions on Mars.

Powder called Solein can be used as an ingredient in food. Its production process is very similar to the brewing process. Special microbes are placed in the liquid and feed on carbon dioxide and hydrogen, which are formed in the liquid under the influence of electricity (electrolysis reaction). After eating, the microbes produce a protein. This protein is then dried and ground into powder.

Dr. Pasi of Vainikka, Executive Director of the tech startup, says the company has created a carbon-neutral method of production all natural source of protein without harming the land and water. In other words, their production does not pollute the environment.

What can cause the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere you can read, for example, in this article.

A new kind of food

“It’s a whole new kind of food, a new kind of protein. It is different from any other food, which today is made and sold in the market. He doesn’t need agriculture and aquaculture”, — said the head of the Solar Foods.

Experts have called this development a breakthrough in the millennial production of food. He feed Vainikka does not believe that its product will, at least in the next 20 years to oust the farm production. But he is capable of becoming “a new source of harvest.”

The company said that if desired, the powder can be turned into fiber that will taste like meat or bread.

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