The story of the first Macintosh computer, which is the headquarters of Microsoft

Not so long ago we told the story of the first business card of bill gates and Paul Allen, which is stored in the exhibition hall of the headquarters of Microsoft are available to visit. In this room there’s something else worthy of note – the original Apple Macintosh computer. He, too, was there not by accident. It has its own history.

To see the computer from Apple in the exhibition hall Microsoft oddly enough. Apple and Microsoft have always competed. However, there is good reason for Microsoft has placed him there. It is possible that the company would not have achieved his success if it were not for this computer.

Macintosh was the first computer with a graphical user interface. Creating it, Steve jobs was forced to turn to bill gates for software for your computer. Macintosh came out in 1984 with the first versions of Excel and PowerPoint. In fact, Microsoft Office 1.0 was created for Mac. Once bill gates said that Microsoft over the Macintosh was employed more people than Apple.

In 1985, Microsoft announced the creation of the Windows operating system with a graphical user interface. Steve jobs very offended by this, but the company did not believed that Apple has exclusive rights to the idea. We all know that jobs and gates took the idea from Xerox PARC. From that moment began the feud Apple and Microsoft.

However, you cannot deny that Microsoft Office is one of the most successful products of the company, was born in the computer from Apple. Macintosh has earned its place in the headquarters of Microsoft.

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