The story of the image and how I started 20 years ago

It seems that the new events inspired by the industry of technology is increasing permanently, where he faces today, July 17 on image world, this is because that the image the calendar appears number 17, let us get to know the history of this emoji and how it was such a big success.

Today is World Emoji Day: here's how it all began 20 years ago

Been making the first image in 1998 or 1999 according to the reports, growing by Japanese designer sheets Korea, during his work on the internet platform for phones as i-mode within the telecom company Japanese on behalf of the NTT.

Inspired Korea his idea of how to use the weather reports, billboards, street signs simple concept for humans, and then decided to adopt this idea in his project, to see the first group of image which are of 176 code illustration strictly 12×12 pixels, which was used to distinguish between i-mode Messaging and other services.

After 11 years in 2010, and has been translated codes image to language encoding Unicode world, making these symbols available to the whole world, so the number increased later to 722.

Moving to 2016, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City to get the first image to show until the end of the year, has told the museum then that the idea of anime back in its origin to pictures, symbols, hieroglyphics and emoticons, where the surround sound expressive on humans.

This Federation became the language of the Unicode world depends more than 2,823 image emoji users, including avatars and different shapes.

Source: PhoneArena

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