The strict control of the YouTube content published by the channel famous

يوتيوب إعلانات فيديو

يوتيوب إعلانات فيديو

Confirmed to Bloomberg that youtube decided to change the mechanism of dealing with the famous canals and the content that you post, so after a series of problems encountered in the inappropriate content published by the most famous.

Published one of the bloggers on YouTube, called “Logan Paul” Logan Paul, video making fun of the corpse of someone who committed suicide in a forest in Japan, which triggered a heated debate. the “Paul” on him to remove the video. However, the management of the site has to remove his mask of possible channels have advertisers.

In order to avoid a repeat of this situation, will the YouTube on the algorithms and on the team, says watching clips of the channels that are considered distinctive when advertisers, to be removed immediately from that list when addressing the terms of use and dissemination of inappropriate content.

Previously, companies such as AT&T to be pulled out in 2017 from advertising on YouTube because the ads appeared in the clips offensive to the calls of hatred, which was adopted by the video platform Google has promised to fix it to reduce spam as much as possible.

The strict control of the YouTube content published by the channel in the world appeared first on the tech world.

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