The student made himself a prosthetic arm from LEGO

LEGO is a wonderful thing. Especially the series of Technics. It can be used to build many useful things, easily turning an ordinary toy into something much more needed. Thanks to the actuators, gears and other complex mechanisms present in these sets, some enthusiasts sometimes manage to create a completely unimaginable things. Such as a prosthetic hand, for example.

David Aguilar from childhood loved to play with LEGO, constantly made designer cars, boats, planes, robots, and at the age of nine years, even tried to make himself a robotic arm. The fact that David was born with an underdeveloped right hand, so to fix it he wanted. But knowledge nine-year-old boys are not enough in order to create a full prosthesis, but the idea is firmly stuck in my head guy.

The experiment he repeated nine years later, and then posted a video with the results on his YouTube channel. A new prosthesis was strong enough to perform different tasks, he is able to bend in different directions, and even allows Hand Solo — as he ironically calls himself David to hold a variety of items with claws.

The prosthesis is made of a set Air Race Jet, consisting of thousands of small parts. Details of the creation process, you can see in the video above.

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