The study discovered the presence of more than 2,000 dangerous application on the Google Play Store, some of which are very popular

Google Play Store

Study found over the years that there are about 2040 application on the Google Play Store pose a risk to users somehow. Require some of these applications the amount of suspicious powers, while some other applications use malicious software directly, at least according to reports from the University of Sydney and the Data61.

Ensure the sea about 1 million apps on the Google Play Store, and end up finding a large number of applications counterfeit without malicious software, but still require access to data that has no relation to it. You may have heard about some of these apps and games, it is between their apps and games as well as Temple Run and Hill Climb Racing.

To see all the data which number million to apply, the researcher used are neural networks and machine learning. Selected algorithm to look for description text similar to the icons similar to the visual for applications the 10000 most common in the App Store. In the end, I found the algorithm 49608 potential threat.

Using VirusTotal, has been determined approximately 7246 applications as harmful and 2040 of which was the application of fake high-risk. Moreover, the 1565 the application of at least five powers of the account, while uses more than 1407 the application of written advertisements from third-party.

Was removed applications that have been studied already, explained the Google team that the number of operations sent applications rejected has increased by more than 55% over the past year and the number of complex applications by 66%.

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