The study finds that 22% of iPhone are planning to trade in the year 2018


Become iPhones, iPads and iPad more expensive, which means that, for FOR YOUR the iPhone who are looking to upgrade, do so on an annual basis may be costly to some extent. But despite the costs, it appears that the rate of upgrade customers Apple TV remains fairly constant, at least according to a study conducted by analyst Gene Munster of institution Loup Venture.

According to SCout, it turns out that 22 percent of current iPhone are planning to upgrade to phones new iPhone which will be released in 2018. This is a little less compared to 23 percent in the past year, but this represents a significant improvement compared with the year 2016 where he said only 15 percent of those surveyed poll they were planning to.

However, it should be noted that customers who are planning to and those who actually do it are two entirely different things. There may be a variety of factors that may have changed the thinking of the client before upgrading. However, says analyst Gene Munster that the rate of upgrade to iPhone later began to become available to the extent of suggesting that investors may start to see it as a kind of subscriptions.

Some analysts predicted that Apple will sense a significant upgrade with the launch of the iPhone X, although it hasn’t happened yet. However, the Gene Munster keeps the door open to the possibility of this happening in the past year, 2019, where it is rumored that Apple will release three iPhones new ones will be among them one featuring OLED screen size 6.5 inch.


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