The study finds that the artificial intelligence more accurate than doctors in detecting cervical cancer


Advisable to go regularly for check-ups and have our doctors to make sure that we are healthy and that there are no problems in our overall health. These tests can also help in the early detection of cancer, but sometimes can be overlooked doctors about it. This is why we’re starting to see more scientists and researchers who train the technology of artificial intelligence to detect cancer.

Recently, researchers have developed at the Institute for National Cancer Institute and the Global Good algorithm can detect whether there were changes suggesting the presence of cancer in the cervix of women, it is estimated that this algorithm is better by about 1.3 times compared with the test current. One of the tests used to detect cancer of the cervix involves taking a sample from the cervix, but it seems that this is not effective, where the results may be sometimes confusing so you can not determine if there is an infection or inflammation or pre-cancer.

Through the training of artificial intelligence to find out what that is supposed to be fluid extracted from the cervix of women, it would be faster and more effective in finding out the quality of the particular case compared with humans. During her talk with the newspaper Daily Mail British, the head of the Department of communications in the Department of Epidemiology and Cancer Institute NCI, Ms. Jennifer Loukissas said : ” it is clear the the cervix with a vinegar solution weak. This solution transforms HPV white and any changes to the cell white while Pink is normal. But White can represent inflammation or pre-cancer. For this reason is difficult to explain some of the results to the human eye “.

It adds : ” with the presence of an expert human, keep the door of interpretation is open, although the brain is good at figuring out patterns, the neural networks ( artificial intelligence ) the best “. However, we may have to wait for a while before we start seeing doctors are using this artificial intelligence on a large scale, but this is a step in the right direction.


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