The study of Snapchat: watch short video clips excels on the content of TV in the kingdom

A study conducted by the Snapchat reveal the superiority of short video clips in a number of views on the content of TV in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

دراسة سناب شات: مشاهدة مقاطع الفيديو القصيرة تتفوق على محتوى التلفاز في المملكةThe study of Snapchat: watch short video clips overtake the content of the television in the kingdom

The Snapchat is conducting a study entitled “mobile devices – insights about the evolution of video”, where the study reveals the new habits of consumers on the tangible changes in viewing habits in Saudi Arabia coincided with high rates of participation videos in the kingdom, as the kingdom expanded the list of entertainment options there.

Was Snapchat has been entrusted the group of National Research (National Research Group) and independent market research to conduct a study involving 869 Saudi.

Summarizing the studies Snapchat on the videos is currently as follows:

  • Watch Saudi videos at a rate higher than their participation to the content of television.
  • Watch five out of every six SAR two (85%) short video clips of less than 10 minutes for of their knowledge at least once a day.
  • WATCH 80% of the Saudi short video clips possible (that have been produced in a professional manner) daily.
  • He said 70% of Saudis in the interview they watch the content of TV traditional daily.
  • The timing of the peak to watch the short video clips possible in the kingdom coincides with the timing of the peak to watch TV.
  • Is structured the timing of the peak in viewing between the hours of 17:00 and 23:00, and the average view duration is 53 minutes.
  • Finds 93% of participants to video clips on the mobile phones allow them to explore the new content and unique and have their new information.
  • A whole 91% that video clips on the phones stimulate their minds and their moods and a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Said Andy Bang, Head of international marketing in Snapchat: “the Saudis believe most users tend to watch short video clips on the world level. Add to that the fact that the kingdom has one of the highest rates of internet usage via mobile phones globally, and one of the highest rates of messaging via social media and interests in the Middle East Region, and is expected to witness significant growth in short video clips designed for phones animated, beyond by other states advanced on this level.”

And Snapchat to this trend to share videos on mobile phones comes to enhance the status of Snapchat as a leisure destination for the video clips, especially the feature of exploration and Discover, which received wide circulation, where that three quarters of users are watching videos through this feature daily.

Following bang about it: “the apparent success of Tab Discover in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a result of our cooperation with the elite of the specialists in broadcast video publishers and makers of content, in order to develop innovative content dedicated to mobile phones, keeping at the same time all the advantages of narrative and emotion provided by the TV of the traditional”.

For more on the study of Snapchat from here.

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