The success story of Genie in the quarantine period during the Coronavirus pandemic in Saudi Arabia

While some companies have provided large numbers of their employees, or even completely halted their work due to the circumstances related to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, Jenny, the operator of the second largest application for booking trips and trips in the Kingdom, has taken rapid measures to keep its employees and business running. Because of the total ban that began in March and ended in June of this year, many sectors around the world suffered, especially the transport sector. Despite this, Jenny did the best possible work towards preserving its employees whom it considered its main focus, as it was an achievement that was considered a success story among the difficulties faced by startups in the region for the year 2020.

While the business of order delivery flourished during times of curfew, at a time considered standard, Jenny renewed its application and signed several temporary order delivery partnerships, with companies that needed a fleet of drivers to deliver their goods to users, until the curfew was canceled in late June.

CEO Eugene Brixius stated that the company has "responded quickly to strict curfew announcements." “Simply, we couldn't let go of the people who created and developed this company. We hear the words Disrupt and Pivot frequently on events and blogs dealing with entrepreneurship and startups, as a basis for success in the Middle East. And that is what we actually did to meet the challenge we faced, instead of following the easy way around the company’s employees. ”

And at the beginning of June of this year, the curfew was eased until it became partial, which allowed companies to gradually return to doing business. And after taking the safety measures set by the Transport Authority in the Kingdom, Jenny re-established the employees to work full shift. The company has taken additional measures diligently, by importing plastic insulators to separate the driver's space from the passenger while on the move, to redirect its focus towards developing its services for booking rides. The challenges that the company faced contributed to pushing it towards providing its services in a more effective manner, which contributed to its rapid growth in recent times as it is the safest and most reliable option for transportation within cities.

Unemployment and the current economic conditions related to the coronavirus pandemic have created many pressures in general. But the company has dealt with the pandemic by providing job security so that it does not negatively affect its employees, which contributed to creating an environment suitable for sustainable development. The company's success in addressing the challenges and providing safe means to complement its services to the important users of emerging companies in the region is considered to be directed towards developing quick and appropriate strategies in difficult situations.

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