The system launches into deep space, NASA is almost ready

Anyone who wants to see people traveling to Mars will be pleased to hear that NASA spoke about the progress on the ship that takes us there. The rocket Space Launch System and Orion crew capsule “together”, according to NASA. The Agency presented the estimated schedule, which plans to have two spacecraft in the sky. The unmanned test flight is tentatively scheduled for 2020, and a manned mission around the moon — for 2023.

NASA is preparing to conquer space with the SLS

In recent weeks, all eyes were glued to the joint venture SpaceX and NASA when the spacecraft Crew Dragon successfully took off, docked and plunged into the Atlantic ocean. All this has given hope that NASA will receive the same private launch crew ready for manned flights.

Crew Dragon, along with the Boeing Cockpit, will give NASA the ability to send astronauts to the International space station when needed, but the ambition of the Agency in deep space will require something much more reliable.

This is where system Space Launch System, or SLS. SLS is a big bet NASA to travel into deep space, and the huge rocket will enable the Agency to send a manned mission to the moon and eventually other planets.

It is expected that the test, which will be held in June, will test the security measures applied to the capsule “Orion”. A cancellation system startup, which is included in the event of a serious failure of the rocket, takes the crew from guaranteed death and allows you to return to Earth in one piece. The test will not include rocket, the SLS, but Orion will be placed on the media, which will raise the capsule at 10,000 meters, so the engineers can test the system functions cancel.

Meanwhile, the SLS is still at the stage of construction, and engineers are currently building the structure and the adapters that will allow you to put it all together. In NASA believe that a pricey mission is more than successful.

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