The tablet from Apple…

For this little plate with a thickness of 13.4 mm Apple were full of criticism, ridicule, lawsuits, accusations of mental abnormality – while this record starts to sell crazy numbers… 27 Jan 2010, at center for the Arts Yerba Buena in San Francisco, the dream of thousands of people (I wanted to write “idiots”, I was one of them) came true. Still true, but now she had a name, period of publication and even the price. And I promised Steve, and he believed.

The terms and rates. There were a few of the prices at all six. But before that we’ll get.

Tablet and Apple – ancient history as a tablet with the ten commandments. By the way, the tablet and the tablet is in English called the same word – tablet. And what by the way?

Having dealt with the ritual stuff (iPod sold 250 million, 140 thousand programs in the App Store, the number shruging from App Store applications has reached three billion, sold 75 million iPhone and iPod touch, and the like) Steve moved to the main topic of the day.

And started it with a quote from “The Wall Street Journal”: “the last time the same excitement about the tablet happened when he/she had written some commandments.”

In the second half of the zero expectation of a “tablet” (before flare-UPS periodically and quickly subsiding – humanity is clearly not there for the first time and in past lives, something that has already been, and loved…) began to intensify and worsen, turning into an epidemic. And the WSJ expressed this, in my opinion, successfully.

The third category of mobile devices

According to Steve, between laptops and smartphones formed a gaping void.

Something was bound to occupy it, but what? NetBook’and (slow and clumsy devices, not capable of anything) is clearly incapable of it. What is required from a third category of mobile devices? They have a great deal with seven key functions: reading pages on the Internet, communicating by e-mail, viewing and sharing photos, watching videos, listening to music, games and reading e-books.

All of this can… iPad. The name is given. Pad in English, including, and those same pads, how much was the laughter and mockery on this occasion. The very name was supposed to turn this entire ridiculous adventure in failure!

The device looks quite decent, readily responded to the touch, to learn it was not even for 20 minutes, and about five minutes – and one who knew how to use the iPhone would have spent on it and a few seconds.

Program… He’s a friend, where will a program? Elementary. Any of the 140 thousand of programs for iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the iPad in two modes.

Even games, even those which require the device outstanding graphics abilities. But apps specifically designed for the iPad, of course, will be able to use its unique capabilities. Large screen (1024×768), almost like a laptop – and a number of new interface elements. iPad SDK is available… attached is iPad simulator.

Here’s a couple of programs already written for the iPad elected (chose the Apple and Scott Forstall personally) third-party programmers.

Impressive. Immediately wanted to download this SDK and start to try, but it was not at all – but I downloaded and tried. But I tried…

A special version of the iPhone OS

That a new device requires a separate version of the operating system, and that is not even iPad OS and iPhone OS 3.2, the audience learned from outraged Apple fans, graceful design and simplicity. In this they saw the deformity.

But it was a temporary retreat. By design, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad was controlled by the same operating system. Depending on the screen size and capabilities of the interface, a set of interface elements and rules for their use were to change – but at this particular moment it was most needed to create and produce the device in the world. Unless it was given a separate version.

Program from Apple

Interface in applications for huge (compared to the iPhone and iPod touch) screen needs to be different. An example of such applications showed Apple engineers: Safari, Mail, iPhoto is an example of how we can and need to alter existing applications for iPhone. iWork – an example of good migration of programs from OS X.

It all looked fantastic. In September last year, my work computer became very ill and was hospitalized repairers. More than a month I had to write articles on the iPad mini 2. Day after day, for hours. Use it as a computer. It is not ice. But, above I have listed the key features of such a device.

In addition, the iPad mini was not invented by Steve, Steve was against the reduction of its size.

And iBooks was a glove thrown Amazon and its Kindle. How to know Steve lived five years longer, maybe Amazon would have to leave the market… Reader (good), with an integrated store (organized on the principle of the iTunes Store), all premium stuff.

And besides, the example of writing apps for the iPad from scratch.


In iPad – processor, developed by Apple. With ARM architecture, to produce it will be Samsung, but the development of its own.

“This is the most advanced CPU of all that we’ve ever developed,” said Steve, but as we tried to remember the other processors developed by Apple, we are unable. Maybe he meant the chip was developed by company?

Called the A4 processor, the details on it (including some that Steve did not disclose) reported in the description of the present iPad. While he was a vision, an illusion.

After the presentation the guests were given the iPads for 20 minutes – the experience was incredible. iPad seemed to be incredibly nimble, responded to the touch, feels much faster than the iPhone.

Those tasted like…

When and how much

Experts somehow were convinced that the tablet from Apple will cost you $ 999 or even more. Someone from Apple executives asked a direct question, he did not answer, and silence gives consent. This is from the statement of claim, record the conversation on video. Seriously, people built on the basis of such reasoning the policy of his business!

It started from $ 499. For the version with 16 GB and no 3G support. For 32-Gigabyte option set a price of 599, and 64 GB at $ 699.

The 3G adds $ 130.

The version without 3G support will arrive in 60 days, right around the world. With this support after 90 days, after signing agreements with mobile operators…

And in the evening of that day began the Orgy iPad-Venevitinov…

But more about that in the sequel, which follows

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