The tablet market back to growth in the second quarter of 2019

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سوق الاجهزة اللوحية يعود للنمو في الربع الثالث من 2019The tablet market back to growth in the second quarter of 2019

Usually shipments of tablet devices to world growth (average total) during the second quarter of 2019 after many quarterly results bad .

These reports after the decline in sales of tablet devices throughout the quarter, the first two of the current year.

Website Strategy Analytics estimated that tablet PC sales have decreased by 5 per cent between January and March compared to the same period in 2018, followed by another decline by 5 percent on an annualized basis for the third quarter of 2019. The company believes that the market grew from 36.9 to 37.6 million units shipped in the period from July to September, representing an increase of somewhat surprising, but increased by only 1.9 percent.

System more detailed we’ll be to Apple’s control on the order of the companies that sell tablets around the world, where GoT market share stood at 31.4 percent.

Sales jumped devices the iPad from 9.7 million units during the same period last year to 2018, to 11.8 million units, supported by the introduction of the model 10.2 inch new it was clear that he was able to make an impact in just a few days of commercial expansion.

While Amazon is in second place with a share of 14.5% and Samsung third with a share ratio of 12.3%.

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