The team Bank is based in confrontation of the global imagine Cup 2018

Microsoft announced the Microsoft announced the winners in the regional competition imagine Cup for 2018 the Imagine Cup, where will the three teams winning, which represent Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey, to participate in the global imagine Cup in Seattle, United States of America during the period from 23 to 25 July, to compete with the best teams and win the title of world champion in the imagine Cup, in addition to the cash prize, of which up to $ 100,000.

And the numbers participating teams of 7 thousands of group from all over the Middle East and Africa to reach 6 teams from Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who qualified to the regional finals, held online, where the projects were evaluated each team based on its ability to innovate and the level of technology presented in the show, given that the logo of the imagine Cup this year bears the name of “programming”, it was a project article is also from the participating teams all the same important goals.

In this regard, said Khaled Abdel kader, general manager of Microsoft Egypt: “we at Microsoft believe that today’s youth are skeptical about the future of the state, and we want to ensure that they get the necessary support to achieve their dreams without regard to any differences.”

Added abdelkader: “it was the quality of the entries this year is fantastic, which is a clear indication that the technology students in Egypt do not approve of their international counterparts, but they are at the forefront of technological innovation in Egypt as well as now Paul Redmond.”

On the other hand, he said to mik chernomordikov, Director of engineering and innovation at Microsoft Middle East and Africa: ” it’s always great to see how students face new techniques in one of the largest student competitions in the field of technology on the world level, and how their commitment helps to make the world a better place through the application of the real people of the contest “programming.”

Added chernomorech: “but I, one of the judges in the regional finals, I was very pleased to see the great ideas and new techniques and real problems have been solved effectively by the participating students from all over the region, and wish the winners good luck in the final version of the competition imagine Cup for 2018, and become the problems their current successful and achievable on the ground.”

Team Egypt “Beach Safer”: make the beach a safer place

The project aims winner from Egypt named “Beach Safer” to help the lifeguards to be more effective in maintaining the safety of the beach, which is a smart solution and integrated based on the technology of the Internet of things IOT to control and supervise in real time on the swimmers, which allows the swift detection of cases of drowning as well as contribute in the rescue prompt.

In the comments of the group the source about their experience in imagine Cup this year, they said: “it was the competition and win in the finals of the national, regional and our first steps to show value of the solution that we offer, we have received feedback very stimulating from the jury in two phases local and regional authorities, which helped us develop and enhance our solution.”

And across the team expressed his happiness with the transition to the world finals, saying: “We believe that we have more positive comments and useful of the jury of the final stage, which will definitely earn us more experience to develop our projects”.

This year marks the imagine Cup annual XVI, the competition aims to give young developers the opportunity to acquire technical skills and new, and open up this contest its doors to more than 29 countries all over the world, also let student teams consisting of three members to innovative ideas to apply technology to solve the greatest challenges of the real world, in addition to creating a plan of action and apply them on the ground successfully.

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