The technique of magnetic New no the ability to improve data storage in computers

He discovered a team of scientists at the University of New York technology Magnetic new بsinglet-based magnet, not the ability to improve data storage in computers.


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Publication of a group of scientists at the University of New York report on the latest techniques that I found out recently in a new class of magnetic monitoring in a compound of uranium, antimony, which is known as USb2, where comes this type of magnet who knows بsinglet-based magnet’s ability to move on from the incident magnetic collagenases are fast and smooth, a feature that can support the technique of data storage in devices well.

How different this kind of magnet, which was discovered for the traditional type who works mostly as a strong magnetic in directions random, except that the new type works to create a magnetic field localized and temporary and stuck to also.

Also technology is a magnet new level. according to researchers, where they can support improving storage in computers, which also supports the seamless transition between the various speeds in the devices, besides providing the energy consumption during the transition between the cases of magnetized and magnetized.


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