The techniques of artificial intelligence enhance the level of happiness of employees in the Middle East

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The company launched Kronos incorporated software packages new Workforce Dimensions, supported by the artificial intelligence evolving, so during the workshop the Kronos live, organized by the company recently in Dubai.

And package new software with the latest techniques of artificial intelligence and operations analysis and learning machines in order to enable companies to adjust costs, and reduce the risk of non-compliance with laws and legislation, and the upgrading of productivity, at the same time enhance the level of employee satisfaction in general.

Finding balance within the work environment, and to achieve the happiness and satisfaction of employees, are key elements to lay the foundations for smart cities developed, which works within the confines of its people and technology together in perfect harmony.

Said Ahmed Sharif, Area Sales Manager Middle East, said: “developments have enormous root in the world of technology is sweeping all aspects of our lives, the beginning of the style of communication and interaction with friends down to how the management of institutions, it has become the community is currently more connected and participatory, and is based on the information to obtain insights and better results than ever before.”

On the other hand, the quantity mountains of data that are transmitted across billions of devices around the world, and the ability to connect to the network always, take advantage of the storage silos of big data, the re-definition of the existing capacity of the institutions.

Data directly affect how the entry of enterprises into new markets, develop new products, serve customers better, as the innovations such as those designed and developed by the company Kronos help keep up with these challenges and deal with them.

He added: “the app has become a wide range of cloud solutions backed by artificial intelligence, is crucial for governments, they help in drawing the main lines to many of the visions and initiatives, such as the plan for Dubai 2021, the vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, and Celsius Emirates 2071, play as the leading-edge technologies play an important role in hosting events and large events such as Expo 2020”.

Noted Ahmed Al-Sharif, to be innovative and technical solutions for the management of the workforce are working on harnessing the power of leading-edge technology available within the four main aspects are: the Cloud, Mobile devices and data, social networks, in order to develop tools and programs capable of enhancing the productivity, and reap the benefits of the best of business, however, despite all the ways and means through which new technologies change the way we work, but there is one constant does not change, which is human capital.

He added: “deemed corporate success on this resource invaluable, because the most innovative techniques and working to expand the scope of our vision, which requires the investment of efforts, greater numbers of manpower to develop this vision on the ground”.

During the workshop the Kronos live, reviewed Kronos its new programme of Workforce Dimensions in front of more than 100 of the top clients of the company Kronos and its partners, agents from across the Middle East, where I had this solution a new and innovative appreciation and commendation on all levels, being the face and forcefully developments and the major trends in the region, which directly affect the career growth of the major sectors including retail trade and hotel services, logistics, manufacturing, health care, and government.

Which is what I was talking about Ahmed Sharif: “Enjoy the company Kronos a long and successful history in the field of put forward design and innovative solutions for workforce management, which will help institutions to manage the wave of technical changes and shape the future of their business, what makes us qualified and distinct from the conceptualization of initial solutions for the next generation who invests these new aspects of the business, we also work closely with major institutions such as Dubai airports, RTA in Dubai, the company National well Fargo, The Company dulsco, the ambulance, the National, the Emirates global aluminium and Dubai parks & resorts, hospital Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, In order to provide record results and outstanding returns on investment, which would help them in maintaining their competitiveness”.

Whether the goals of the institution or the government receive boost productivity, or improve the level of compliance, or adjust the costs of the workforce, or achieve business results better through the investment of staff capacity, they can rely on the company to Kronos more than any company supply other to help them manage their workforce, thanks to solve the Workforce Dimensions, they have become that they are currently with technical tools they need, reclining on the strength of accelerated growth and development of technology for workforce management have in the future.

The techniques of artificial intelligence enhance the level of happiness of employees in the Middle East

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