The technology of 3D printing to produce houses less than 24 hours

Is it possible to build a house with a full living room, kitchen and hallway in less than 1 day? At first glance, the task is impossible, but modern technology is not standing still and out of garages and laboratories enthusiasts penetrate into real life, improving it. It would seem, more recently, 3D printers have printed small parts for several hours. Today, their large industrial counterparts may well have to print a whole house in less than 24 hours.

For superfast “printing houses” took American startup ICON together with the charitable organization New Story. According to the developers, in order to print a simple one-storey house of 60 square meters, their construction required the printer 12 to 24 hours. In addition, representatives of the company ICON say their homes are the first 3D-printed houses whose facade is completely printed through code and allowed for human habitation. In addition, these houses (with a maximum area not exceeding 80 square meters) is quite cheap: the cost of one building does not exceed 10 000 US dollars, but experts do not exclude that in the future the price may fall by 2 times.

“After you print the walls, installed Windows, roof mounted plumbing and electrical installations. The entire period of the works, including decoration, is less than one day. In the future we want to create robots that will install the Windows and roof after printing, and drones that would be responsible for painting the house”.

The print makes a building a 3D printer Vulcan. Despite the cumbersome design, it is quite easily disassembled and moved from place to place. Vulcan prints is quite conventional concrete, which is placed in a 100 layers and retains its shape as it solidifies. The walls remain pliable even 2-3 days after you finish printing, but to begin to live in the house you can already immediately after the end of production.

The first house printed in Austin – that is where the headquarters of the company. The next step is the production of houses in El Salvador, the United States and in several developing countries.

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