The technology of artificial intelligence may soon help in the fight against elephant poaching


I cut the technology has come a long way in helping us achieve things we couldn’t achieve in the past, such as out in new ways to help deter poachers and keep the animals. For example, have been using printing technology three-dimensional to manufacture the horns of a fake animal a unicorn in the hope that by flooding the market, this will reduce the price of the pods are the real.

Moreover, it has been seen also how the use of unmanned aircraft to help prevent illegal fishing in Africa, where drones can identify the ships and find out whether it has got the necessary licenses to be in the area or not. Now, thanks to work done by researchers at the University of Cornell University, they are using artificial intelligence to help in the fight against the poachers of elephants.

The university has a program called ” Elephant Listening Project ” which tracks the elephants in the African forests through audio recordings. But with 7 terabytes of data being generated every three months, it could take researchers up to 12 weeks of data analysis, and here comes the role of artificial intelligence. Will be using artificial intelligence to assist in the analysis of the recordings, and this is something which would greatly reduce the amount of time it takes.

Then this information is given to people and organizations that help in the management of these national parks to inform them if there are any changes or abnormalities suggest that there may be a number less than elephants. According to Mr. Peter Wrege, who runs the Project ” Elephant Listening Project“, he stated by saying : ” this technology will not stop poaching, but I think she’s the only way we can get the information regularly. It’s hard, but worth it and can be done. We just have to keep them “.


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