The teenager turned in AirPods EarPods just for $ 4

AirPods is not only stylish but also functional headphones, which are not limited only to music playback. Apple managed miraculously to combine beauty, convenience and innovation, creating a new product. However, this gadget is a priori can not be cheap, and that pushes many of his purchases. But 15-year-old enthusiast named Sam Cashbook found absolutely brilliant and the most affordable way to turn a wired EarPods that are included with all iPhone, wireless AirPods.

According to Kerbala, it all started with the fact that he saw the AirPods from my friend and wanted to own exactly the same. However, instead of earning $ 200 by yourself or, at worst, to ask the parents, he solved the problem on its own.

A cheap version of AirPods

A teenager bought on eBay the cheapest headset-enabled bone conduction, dismantled it and took out the chip with the necessary components and a wireless interface. Then Cashbook cut the wires from their EarPods and put it with the scheme from the headset with glue.

But the Assembly is not ended. The headphones needed a battery that would support their performance in the absence of a direct connection to the smartphone. Enthusiast, then took out bought the headset battery and fixed it on the body of former EarPods. And headphones you can manage it, he had keys and the accessory donor.

AirPods for $ 4

According to Kerbala, it took more than two months on research and design. However, he says, now the headphones are working properly, interfaced with a smartphone and transmit the sound, despite the fact that look like the creature of Dr. Frankenstein. However, wanting something more for $ 4 would be just silly, says the young inventor.

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