The Telecommunications Authority of Saudi Arabia, offering tips for travelers

Directed the communications and Information Technology Commission of Saudi Arabia today tips for users of communications services to travelers outside the kingdom differ using the service (international roaming), the most important instructions related to it, came in the forefront the importance of communication with the service provider before traveling outside the Kingdom, and bespoke packages for International Communication, choose the most appropriate one.

As advised by the travelers during their travel outside the kingdom to stop auto update for comments; avoid to update the device to new data, and the consumption of large amount of data, this is in addition to the need to turn off data roaming in the case of not wanting to use the service through your device settings.

It urged passengers to adjust the mobile Settings, re-set the network selection to manual to avoid automatic transition and selection of international least cost. As a student of their access rates to use the service each have an international operator in the state to be visited, through communication with the service provider of their own, or by visiting the e-service provider. Adding the importance of examining the option of purchasing a local precedent of payment to use while traveling outside Saudi Arabia.

She assured the commission, in its instructions to travelers, that the wages of voice calls and text messages while roaming are excluded from succumbing to the credit limit, as wages are using the internet while roaming including.

The Telecommunications Authority of Saudi Arabia, offering tips for travelers


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