The tenth largest phone company in the world does not use the Android

All systems fail in front of Android and iOS, but the system of Kai that you are using phones Geun-Indian appears to us as breaking the transaction.

Where since the launch of the phone geo original, the company was able to sell 18 million copies by the end of 2017, with the launch of geo 2, the sales according to Digitimes expected to skyrocket to 25-30 million units by 2018.

The system is running other phones are not smart, that included the Nokia 8110 4G, as to the relationship of the Alcatel uses in some of its organs.

Think Digitimes that Kai OS will continue to be the height of its popularity in emerging markets, leading to the acquisition of 3% of the market of systems of the handsets by 2019, especially with the superiority of the growth of regular phones to smart.

It is worth mentioning that the Kai system (Firefox) is designed so that it provides advantages comparable to smart phones, it included Google Maps and her assistant without the need of hardware advanced operating software as complex as needed by the Android.

Source: Digitimes

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