The time limit for applications on the iOS update 12 !

Provides a property Screen Time in the new iOS update 12 a lot of different options to better adapt in the use of you or your children the time you spend on iPhone and iPad.

You can easily track your activity and time you spend on each application, as well as set time limits for applications across feature time limit for better control at the time of the phone and engage in different applications without the sense of time.

Choose the apps that you want to activate the time limit time limit:

The use of Screen Time and the allocation of specific time for comments, first make sure you install the final version of iOS update 12 on your iPhone Your where . An update is available for iOS 12 iPhone beginning of iPhone 5s, iPad including the iPad Air, and iPod touch from previous generation.

On your iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 12, open Settings and click on Screen Time, where all settings and time of the phone.

Click on the option “App Limits” “limits of application” of Screen Time, you will be asked to “Screen Time” to determine the categories of applications that you want to activate the application boundary.

You can choose categories such as social networks or productivity, games or other.

But this option will not allow you to specify a certain time for investigation, you just tell the application that you want to activate the time limit.

Set a maximum limit for a particular application over the time limit :

From the main page for tea time, don’t click on the icon of the application boundary. Instead, tap on the graph at the top of the screen. Will give you that every application using it recently. You can change the tape at the top to see the statistics for today or last week.

Scroll to this menu until you find the app that you want to add a time limit, you can click on show more to watch more than a few of the most used applications, in this example, I will limit the time you spend on your iPhone and iPad using the YouTube app:

Click on the name of the app, in this case “YouTube”. Will tell you statistics such as average time spent on this app daily.

Click on the button “add the” “Add Limit” at the bottom of the screen.

You now add a time limit for this application only, and apply time limits on all the devices on the same iCloud account .

Scroll to select cities that you want, and you can also be more specific and choose the specific time for each day of the week, when you are finished, click on the “Add” “add” in the top right corner.

Now is enabled the time now to investigate selected by you only.

With activated time limit on the iPhone at any time, will be the operating system in the background of the cities that you use the app, and for apps such as YouTube, the time will be calculated when you use the YouTube website in Safari or the application of YouTubeمباشرة.

When you reach the limit, will appear the main screen is grayed out, and when you try to use the app will show alert in full screen to the effect that limit has been reached your time, and you can’t use the app when these panels will be visible.

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