The Titan fired their clocks smart in Egypt, you know the material

Announced Titan Ltd. Titan, the fifth largest manufacturer of watches in the world and a subsidiary of Tata global TATA, announced the launch of its collections of watches unique in collaboration with its partner in the Egyptian market Company Law development.

In a ceremony organized by marketing expert Tariq Abdullah, Chairman of the company, strike media in the presence of: America Singh, General Manager sales and marketing for Titan in the Middle East, and the successor Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Cairo development and unique sales and Marketing Director at Law of development, expressed yogesh faces of the Sales Director in the Middle East region at Titan expressed his pleasure in collaboration with the Company Law development, product launch world company in the Egyptian market, stressing that the domestic market is a promising market for the company over the coming years, and they are looking forward from now to the best of their products for each of their clients in the market.

During the ceremony, announced for the launch of a bouquet of hours of Titan, most notably: (Raja) and (edge) and other high-end products unique.

Added yogesh: “the exchange of one hour of Titan every 3 seconds, this is the greatest evidence on how the strength and love of the customers for the Titan, which drives us to a greater in a lot of new markets to us products Titan now available in more than 7,000 stores around the world in 30 countries, out of more than 200 million customers, and annual sales of more than $ 1.9 million.”

For his part, said Mohammed Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Board of company law development: “we are very pleased to announce the launch of the products of the brand Titan, which is the fifth largest manufacturer of watches globally in the Egyptian market, as well as the announcement of our strategic partnership with Titan Corp. as the exclusive distributor for their products in the Egyptian market.”

He added that his company have a long history spanning more than 43 years in the field of distribution, hours and other electronic products, as the products of major companies such as Titan will be a great addition to the competition in the watch market in Egypt, noting that the company’s products became available in the branches of the company coming to the house in 8 provinces and branches of the company Tai shop and selling platforms such as e-market.Com and Joomla, as the company plans to ask the smart watches of brands Titan before the middle of next year to cope with the development of modern technology and to meet the wishes of their customers.

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