The Today Show – 6 applications professional you need on a daily basis !

Our show for this special day, you can get 6 great apps in various classifications and your avatar a lot, with great deals not to miss, let us recognize them !

Voice & Camera translate : قاموس مميز لترجمة النصوص و الصوت و الصور ، عرض خاص !

Translation of Internet pages

First application: Voice & Camera translate : dictionary characteristic to translate the text, photographs, images, special offer !

The application of distinctive and useful in the world of translation and languages, now it won’t be hard to communicate between you and other native speakers in different languages, this application supports a lot of languages with transliteration, writing, and even translating text, your trip will be fun and easy now without the need of an interpreter ! As well as the various benefits were as follows:

Text translation:

Where contains more than 20 dictionary supported, and supports the translation of text to and from 103 different languages including Arabic .

Voice translation :

Want to translate a word and you don’t want to bother writing them down, or you may not know to write them correctly? Well-applied Voice & Camera translate gives you translation voice, all you have to do is talk into the microphone will be celebrating the app detects words and translate them .

Also the transliteration task if you experience dialogue with someone who doesn’t understand our language, as the app translated the sounds of their language to your language and vice versa . Voice translator supports 58 different languages, including Arabic.

Translate photo – camera as a way to !

The application supports Voice & Camera translate feature Optical Character Recognition known as OCR, this feature allows for the recognition of the texts and the words contained inside the images and convert the image number and then translate it . If through the application you can capture the image of the text you want to translate ( newspaper, magazine, poster, book, etc ) and then select the part you want translated, and the app will translate automatically . This feature includes 58 languages including Arabic also .

A special on the paid version !

Applied Voice & Camera translate is available by free and other paid . The paid version has full features and is available at a significant discount, in collaboration with the developer of that app price after discount to$ 9.99 instead of 15.99$ .

The paid version (reduced for a limited time) :

Developer : Cheol Kim

Price : 9.99$ 15.99$

  Click here to download

Free version :

Developer : Cheol Kim

Price : free

  Click here to download


Developer : goodsoft_mobile

Price : free

  Click here to download

تطبيق Fast Scan - المسح الضوئي وتحويل الصور إلى كتابة مع ترجمتها

The application of Fast Scan – scan and upload the photos to the book with its translation

Second application: the application of Fast Scan – scan and upload the photos to the book with its translation – special offer

Apply Professional, is very important, and helpful to everyone, brings you several advantages in one place, from photocopying to high quality just like scanner, converts the content of those images to editable texts, and more supports translating content into several languages.

The advantages of the application of Fast Scan:

  • Scanning of documents: invoices, business cards, various papers.
  • Use the content of the documents, even documents of the percent shaded !
  • The advantage of OCR to convert images into editable texts.
  • The possibility of identifying the original language of the document.
  • Support the translation of texts with the support 103 a universal language.
  • Audio translation: supports translation to and from 58 languages global.

All this app of course supports the Arabic language in the translate from and to, which makes it one of the most useful applications in the field of scan and translate images and texts from the images.

This is available for the application of Fast Scan a special offer on paid content which has become 1.99$ after its price was 4.99$ to get the advantages of a professional :

Developer : Cheol Kim

Price : free

  Click here to download

Application Bocus

Second application: apply Bocus professional photo – show discount

Do you want to convert your iPhone into a professional camera and take advantage of the advantages of the camera more? This app gives you through the advantages that it provides to get professional pictures.

Both full images camera background, or to capture selfies special thanks to the advantages provided by the app, you can also edit your photos with the advantages offered by the application.

  • Effects photography.
  • Capture great photos and crisp and get rid of impurities.
  • Effects lighting control.
  • Opacity with on some of the elements to make your photos the coolest.

You can with the application Bocus the evolution of camera iPhone your, make it professional, which is available for a special offer where its real price 4.99$ but it is now available at the price of 0.99$, with a free version of it for training.

Download the application Bocus backup:

Developer : Cheol Kim

Price : 4.99$ 0.99$

  Click here to download

Download the application Bocus free version:

Developer : Cheol Kim

Price : free

  Click here to download

تطبيق Luna Cam لالتقاط أفضل الصور وتسجيل أحسن المقاطع

Application Luna Cam to capture the best photos and the best sections

Application IV: application of Luna Cam+ capture the best photos and the best sections

More things that we use smartphones, photography, but iPhones, especially the old does not contain the many wonderful benefits of change, such as filters diverse options for professional photography.

This application comes Luna Cam+ to be the best way to your own in order to capture the best photos through the use of better filters, the same thing with video clips, all through the advantages of professional this is the most important:

  • A lot of effects that you can choose.
  • Adjust the effects for still images or video.
  • Swipe right to left to switch between effects.
  • Timer with flash photography at night.

Application Luna Cam+ supports all devices iPhone and iPad and offers you what you want to change the reserve, the displayed discount from 4.99$ to 1.99$ for a limited time, with free version training.

Download app Luna Cam+ backup:

Developer : Cheol Kim

Price : 4.99$ 1.99$

  Click here to download

Download app Luna Cam free version:

Developer : Cheol Kim

Price : free

  Click here to download

تطبيق TocTak Camera للتصوير بأفضل الفلاتر الاحترافية

Application TocTak Camera for the best filters backup

App-V: application TocTak Camera for the best filters and backup – free for a limited time

Are you interested in taking pictures and photography always? Today with this app you will get the application of professional specializes in capturing images with a distinctive and direct, and that means you can take pictures and filter appropriate you in real time, so you get the picture that the filter is directly !

The advantages of the application of TocTak Camera:

  • Capture the status of classic cameras: the Fuji or Kodak or Agfa film.
  • Capture a classic.
  • Correction feature and facial
  • Photography directly and modify in real time the sound.
  • 13 filter, professional and fun.
  • Export full-resolution
  • Put edit photos and edit them
  • Photography silent.

Special offer: the app is its real price 4.99$ but its now available free for a limited

Download the application TocTak Camera copy iPhone and iPad:

Developer : Cheol Kim

Price : free for a limited time

  Click here to download

تطبيق Safari Translate Extension لترجمة صفحات الويب

Application Safari Translate Extension to translate web pages

Previous application: the application Safari Translate Extension to translate web pages – display discount

Always with translation and communication with the rest of the language, often you may go online in search of what we value, which might be expected in a language not met, this need to translate the page I need, this is what provides it does not apply Safari Translate Extension.

Comes application Safari Translate Extension to ensure you add to the Safari browser, in order to translate the pages, it is enough to access any page then open the sub-options to translate the page to the appropriate language for you.

Application Safari Translate Extension is available the reduction is large, where its price is 4.99$, after that previously was 6.99$ for a limited time.

Download through Apple Store:

Developer : Cheol Kim

Price : 6.99$ 4.99$

  Click here to download

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