The top 10 areas of change due to their dependence on big data

It is no secret to anyone that the Big Data Big Data has become a prominent factor in changing many areas of life, where they evolved very quickly during the last period, and began to rely on most of the areas almost, which is what led to the change of the form of the whole world during the last few years, becoming the world digitally.

With the development of any new technology, the cheapness of their prices, the difference will be more available for institutions to begin to rely on this new technology easily within a short period, which applies to big data.

Here’s the top 10 areas of change due to their dependence on big data:

1 – sports:

أبرز 10 مجالات تغيرت بسبب اعتمادها على البيانات الضخمة

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I started most of the sports famous in reliance on data analytics through recently, for example, in football games to install cameras in several parts of the stadium, and the ability to generate more data points per player, per second, with the help of a program dedicated to the various movement patterns.

In the National Football League American NFL, there are sensors installed on the shoulders of the players, its mission is to compile accurate data on the performance of the players during the matches.

2 – hospitality:

أبرز 10 مجالات تغيرت بسبب اعتمادها على البيانات الضخمة

Started Hotels, Resorts, and institutions specialized in the field of hospitality in relying on Big Data Solutions developed, in order to help identify customer behavior more accurately, as well as understanding the factors that lead to customer access to the highest levels of satisfaction for hospitality services rendered to them.

As hotels benefit from the big data significantly, especially with regard to determining time periods of repetitive, which increase the booking rates throughout the year, and the relationship of the seasons booking, weather, local events, and other factors.

3. management of smart cities:

المدن الذكية

Contributed to big data in enabling the several states to launch initiatives of smart cities, where they can incorporate mechanisms to collect data with the technologies of the Internet of things; and to activate public services smart around these cities.

For example: you can distribute a network of sensors on the recycling centers the waste in a smart city, making it easy to follow the levels of the all the centres residues, and thus can manage the routes the cars responsible for transporting waste more efficiently, where the first centers, which were filled already.

4 – energy:


Increasing the costs of using oil and Gas day after day, as he travels the world political situation troubled the increasing difficulty in exploration for new wells, which is called a shell corporation to begin the development of what is known as oil field data-based Data-driven Oilfield, as an attempt to assess the costs of oil exploration.

As to the techniques based on the use of big data, the Internet of things in smart home will help greatly in the rational use of electric power.

5 – agriculture:


Why take away the area of agricultural change due to the increased use of big data is also apparent in the increased spread of agricultural equipment smart, which depend on the data.

Think Company John Deere us a good example of a company producing agricultural equipment to make use of the data, where it has launched several services, which allows farmers to make immediate use of the data collected from its customers around the world.

6 – Education:

أبرز 10 مجالات تغيرت بسبب اعتمادها على البيانات الضخمة

Depends education of the most prominent areas in which the resulting data is enormous, and through the subjects taught in the different stages of education, as well as the teaching methods are different for these materials.

So education is one of the areas most benefited from big data to apply, as help in determining the best instructional strategies, and best practices to create the tests, as can the use of big data in other related things, such as: determining the best tracks for the school bus.

7 – banks, and capital markets:

البنوك وأسواق المال

The Securities and Exchange Commission of America using big data to track and monitor the movements of the money market, as the use of big data, data analysis also in the stock exchanges to detect any unlawful practices in the stock market.

And major banks, financial institutions using big data to identify potential risks, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, and analyses of predictive necessary.

8 – entertainment and media:

الترفيه والإعلام

Receive the importance of relying on big data in the areas of entertainment and media, in the ability to analyze the behavior of users, and provide content appropriate to them, based on their preferences of the former.

Company Spotify music based on Hadoop platform, to collect massive data from millions of users around the world, and analyze this data, and use them to customize the nominations for the music clips for each level alone.

9 – retail and wholesale:


Trade is in general the most important area of work practiced by people all over the world, therefore it is not strange to be retail and the problem of the highlights areas that have changed due to the reliance on big data is big, has extended this change to include traditional trade, as well as e-commerce.

You get the traditional department stores, and electronic data to users through various means, Can Big Data help in the allocation of specific offers to the buyers according to their purchases of the former, and deliver those offerings through channel marketing.

10 – Transport and communications:

Used the governments of the states of the various big data to control the movement of traffic, improve road planning, intelligent transportation systems, finding solutions to the problems of traffic congestion. It is also used by private companies to improve the efficiency of fleets, cargo transportation, and logistics related.


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