The top 3 extensions for Google Chrome that will save you from surveillance

Total security does not happen, and we need to be able to put up with. No operating system or program is able to provide guaranteed protection – something necessarily “leaks”, and then will be used against you. However, this does not mean that you should sprinkle ashes on his head, do not care about the simplest rules of data protection on the Internet. We present to your attention a selection of the best extensions for Google Chrome, which, if will not save you 100%, then at least keep quite blatant surveillance.

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Feature of surveillance of the Internet is that it doesn’t even require the name of the person being followed. If necessary, it is still identificeret – in habits, search queries, the websites that he visits. There are a lot of different tools, which, however, can be inhibited. Tell how.

Almost every website collects cookies. It’s small amounts of data that allow the sites to determine which site you entered it. Thanks to cookies the online stores allow you to access things you put in the basket, even if you have not received authorization. But also cookies can be a good way of surveillance, which must necessarily stop. Extension Cookie AutoDelete will automatically delete the cookies where their preservation is not desirable, and to leave where you are personally will allow.

This extension has been created by the developers of the human rights organization Electronic Frontier Foundation, which aims to enforce the rights of Internet users and electronic devices. It monitors all sorts of trackers on websites that track users ‘ actions, and block them. If necessary, you can manually select the sites and the types of trackers that can block and those which are not.

Despite the fact that the Password Checkup does not protect you from being tracked, this extension will ensure the protection of your accounts from hacking. It deals with the fact that scans the passwords you enter when registering on the sites, identifying their degree of reliability. The extension uses the database Have I Been Pwnd, consisting of more than 4 billion hacked passwords. And since its development involved the experts of the Open ID Foundation and the Internet Engineering Task Force, it is quite possible to entrust their safety.

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