The top 5 new features in system MacOS Big Sur next computers Mac

Apple announced during the annual conference for developers (WWDC 2020) during the past week about the latest version of the operating system of computers laptops and desktops (Mac us) which is known as (MacOS Big Sur) or (MacOS 11).

It will be system (MacOS Big Sur) is the first version of the operating system (Mac us) that operate devices Mac upcoming processors Apple’s own, in addition to its old that works with Intel processors.

System is available (MacOS Big Sur) now as a demo version for developers – here’s how to download it, andthe list of eligible devices to get it – and if you are not a developer, we recommend waiting until the arrival of the demo version the year through next July, it is best to wait until the arrival of the final version of the system for all users during the next autumn, where the system would be more stable.

Here are the top 5 new features in the system (MacOS Big Sur):

1 – new features in Safari browser:

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة في نظام MacOS Big Sur القادم لحواسيب ماك

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة في نظام MacOS Big Sur القادم لحواسيب ماك

Brings system (MacOS Big Sur) the largest upgrade to the browser (Safari) Safari, where she said Apple TV: if this is the biggest update for Safari browser since its launch in 2003.

It became the Safari browser is faster thanks to the editor (JavaScript) that helps in the details on the browser and the external that you can use in Macs, the browser will download the websites you visit faster, and has better abilities to manage tabs.

You’ll also find features of privacy optimizer, such as: feature (privacy report) Privacy Report that let you know how to track websites your data, observe the appearance of any of your passwords in a security breach.

Includes the Safari browser on the revamped features help you personalize browsing of the web, where you can customize the start page of the new background image and sections such as the reading list, and tabs iCloud. Through the translation feature built-in browser can translate pages web full to 7 languages with just one click.

2 – improvements in the messaging application:

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة في نظام MacOS Big Sur القادم لحواسيب ماك

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة في نظام MacOS Big Sur القادم لحواسيب ماك

Includes a messaging application in a system (MacOS Big Sur) new tools to manage conversations better and share messages. Where you can now install your favorite conversations at the top of your message list for quick access (similar to the feature in the iOS system 14 new).

Has Apple design full search by organizing results in links and pictures and phrases matching to help you quickly find what you’re looking for, as you can now create stickers Memoji dedicated to the in computer Mac, in addition to features group messaging, which help you to communicate with family and friends easily.

3 – tools the layout of the new maps application:

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة في نظام MacOS Big Sur القادم لحواسيب ماك

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة في نظام MacOS Big Sur القادم لحواسيب ماك

Re Apple designed maps app fully in the system (MacOS Big Sur) to offer you new features to help you explore the places you want easily, the app now includes more options to help you explore new places, you can also create guides customized for restaurants, parks and favorite holidays that they can share with friends and family.

The application supports a new feature called (Look Around) let you get a 360-degree places, you can also browse maps of the interior of the detailed airports and major shopping centres. In addition to the possibility of guiding trips, cycling and electric vehicles in computer Mac and send it directly to the iPhone.

4 – tools screen Widgets:

As is the case in iOS 14, iPadOS 14, brings system (MacOS Big Sur) tools to a computer screen Mac key, tools a icons large dynamic information displays the app directly, such as: the weather or the number of steps you take daily.

5 – run the apps for iPhone and iPad:

If you purchase a computer Mac new processor, the new Apple TV (Apple silicon), it will be a computer able to run apps iPhone, iPad Native, all you have to do is go to the store Mac to install new applications.

Where you will many of the iOS apps from working along with the apps MacOS, and if you have already purchased the application in the iPhone you won’t need to buy it again for the operating system MacOS, but will be downloaded there also.

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