The top 5 new features that will support its Android phones in 2020

Require smart phones every year to become faster, smarter and efficiently thanks to the processor that works out; all of the features available in your phone starting from the design features of the videos through fingerprints or face recognition and even the possibility of playing games depends on the processor and how powerful it is, and not on the company manufacturing the phone itself.

Think most of the Android phones leading on processors Qualcomm, with the announcement of Qualcomm last Tuesday about the latest and most powerful its processors Snapdragon 865 they lay the foundation for new features will be supported by your phone you’re gonna buy next year.

It would be Snapdragon processor 865 is the operator of most of the leading smartphones to be unveiled through the year 2020, most notably the series of phones (Galaxy S11) that will be expressed by Samsung during the month of February.

Supports Snapdragon processor 865 is a lot of improvements which include: 5G, camera with 200 megapixels, new features help make the gaming experience on the phone closer to the experience of playing on desktop devices.

Here are the top 5 new features that will support its Android phones in 2020:

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1 – edit the video accurately 8K on 5G networks:

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة ستدعمها هواتف أندرويد القادمة في 2020

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة ستدعمها هواتف أندرويد القادمة في 2020

Will every phone works with a processor Snapdragon 865 is ready to work with 5G, you will have the ability to capture video clips up accuracy to 8K at 60 frames per second, this represents four times the number of pixels for 4K means the need for storage space even greater.

For example: you can hit Space to video strictly 8K 30-second to 1 GB, and may take to download this file through 4G networks more than 20 minutes what affects the battery power, but with the 5G networks will be able to download these videos on the cloud service and edit much faster.

Featuring a Snapdragon processor 865 image processor New allows Spectra 480 you Qualcomm it’s capable of processing 2 gigapixel per second at a rate he can handle a camera up their accuracy to 200 MP, or run many cameras at the same time, so that you can navigate instantly between the camera telephoto, camera wide angle, camera, Super offer, in addition to that, the processor the first of its kind that supports imaging technology, Dolby Vision HDR to determine the level of brightness, color accuracy, where it can distinguish more than a million colors.

2. the fingerprint sensor larger, faster, and safer in the screen:

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة ستدعمها هواتف أندرويد القادمة في 2020

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة ستدعمها هواتف أندرويد القادمة في 2020

Qualcomm has made last year’s Snapdragon processor 855 that support the fingerprint sensor ultrasonic built-in screen also appeared in Samsung’s Galaxy S10, وNote 10. But this year using Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Max the latest version of the sensor, ultrasonic fingerprint, which targets a larger area than the previous generation increased by 17 times what gives more security through authentication, concurrent with two fingers, increasing the speed and ease of use. It can also be used to pick up heart rate, so you may depend on IT applications and new health.

3 – capabilities of the game added to my desktop:

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة ستدعمها هواتف أندرويد القادمة في 2020

أهم 5 ميزات جديدة ستدعمها هواتف أندرويد القادمة في 2020

Became phones with big screens fast more common, in 2019, increased the refresh rate of many monitors phones to become 90 or 120 hertz – like phones OnePlus 7 Pro, andPixel 4 – making it perfectly suited for gaming thanks to its graphics, which is becoming more safety.

But this year will Snapdragon processor 865 update rates for up to 144 Hz is what makes the graphics and smoother and more fluid, and enhances the gaming experience tremendously. In addition to that the graphics processing unit Adreno 650 built it will provide faster performance by 25% than the previous one.

4 – Assistant Google can determine your position through your voice:

The processor supports Qualcomm’s new sensors rely on artificial intelligence capable of processing the votes and broadcast the video clips, and find out your location if you are moving or fixed in your place, with the ability to identify trends, and can determine the amount of brightness required of the company, and all that without consuming a lot of battery power.

For example: if the phone you are in place the noise will increase the volume level automatically if you experience call in this place.

5 – simultaneous interpretation:

Made Google this year feature (Live Caption) in the system Android 10 to provide the user’s text caption When the video is playing, the podcast, and voice messages via any application. Made in phones Pixel 4 application to record audio it can convert recordings to text easily through speech recognition.

But Qualcomm’s new with Part V of the artificial intelligence engine (Qualcomm AI Engine) that offers twice the performance of its predecessor, and the treatment by the technique of Sensing Hub that have the ability to detect sound accurately, awareness of the context surrounding aid audio, so with the use of energy is extremely low, which provides you with instant translation conversations from one language to another language at full speed.

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