The Tor Browser is now available on Android and separately as the “alpha”

متصفّح Tor متاح الآن على أندرويد وبشكل منفصل كإصدار "ألفا"

Still Tor browser for Android is a work in progress, and for years to enable the users of the system connect to the Tor network using the Orbot and also using Orfox, but now you can get the advantages of privacy and security of Tor in a new package, where it is now running the first version “alpha” of the browser in the store Google Play, for the end to be happy using the browser without the need of any extras it directly.

It is known that the network “Tor” is a network encrypted around the world working on the transfer of web traffic to protect privacy, as well as their copy of Firefox 60, which works on blocking followers and help hide identity while browsing, as well as supporting Tor to access websites and services blocked in my country.

Finally, since the browser version in its pilot phase, the “alpha” there are some mistakes, as well as the need to apply proxy Orbot to access the Tor, to be later specifically the early New Year to have the hard version of the final ready, without any little extras, and now select the browser navigate to the page on the store Google Play from here, or load it with the APK from here.

The Tor Browser is now available on Android and separately as the “alpha” appeared first on the tech world.

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