The trade war is over for Apple?

If that hadn’t happened after some time after December 15, 2019 the price of the iPhone would have grown, on average, $ 150. Apple would have to raise prices even on the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and much more. And not only for buyers in the United States. In a country where the majority of the components for these devices, and where almost all of them going from beginning to end, these devices are considered to be American.

Tim cook was able to get out of the situation

To negotiate was literally at the last moment. If this had not happened, today the new duties would come into effect. The consequences would not be immediately, but would have been catastrophic. To protect themselves, at least during the holiday quarter, American companies manufacturing their products in China were forced to buy it with a solid reserve in advance – which allowed some analytic companies (Rosenblatt Securities Inc, for example) to announce a sharp reduction in iPhone shipments in November 2019, compared with the most unfortunate last November. And, according to the company, even these data do not reflect sales volume – but 25%. But then it would be the end of the world.

Tim cook, the adviser of the President of the United States, on a voluntary basis

A trade war between the US and China continued for almost six months. The country made demands obviously unacceptable for the opposite side, and insisted they were losing money but didn’t give up. The leadership of the giants of the American IT industry was in a panic. The timid attempts to persuade Donald trump and trade Commission, the answers have been hard and discouraging. The exact same answer and got the Apple. But instead of throw in opposition to Trump the media useless anger, Apple discussed the situation and adopted an unconventional decision: to agree! And to think of how to get out with minimal losses.

In 1997 Steve came up with the slogan “Think Different”. From the point of view of classical of the English language, the phrase almost illiterate, although it is a close analogue of the “Think Big” is already entered in the dictionary, and in fact was recognized as valid. Recognized if the allowable academics and “Think Different” – I don’t know, but it no longer mattered – the call to “think differently”, and even formulated according to the rules of the call, played in the return of Apple to a leading position in the industry significant role. What did Tim cook on behalf of the management and the Board of Directors of the company from July to December 2019, in my opinion, could be called the campaign, “Think Different 2019”. Yes, Tim and Apple has made in recent years, a lot of mistakes, but this campaign they have carried out brilliantly.

They managed to translate talks with the President in his usual both sides of the plane. As if two entities were looking for a way out of the impasse, not forgetting about their own interests. Without emotion. Arguments stating their positions, finding a compromise solution. In the mass media appeared almost ambiguous statement about some “personal relationship between Tim cook and Donald trump”, but without any stupid hints. Trump began to turn to Tim for advice. They discussed not only the problems associated with Apple, but generally with the whole IT-industry. Whatever we thought about them, I read transcripts of their talks – they are both very intelligent people, who honestly perform their duties.

Tim cook and Donald trump at the opening of the Mac Pro production in Texas

An ambiguous statement is about a personal relationship smoothly transformed, now Tim is often called “an unofficial adviser to trump”, despite the fact that in the next election and Tim is going to support the candidate of the democratic party. The situation for Apple was able to slightly, but significantly, improve. Apple pay crisis fees on the Apple Watch, Apple AirPods and some other products. Even so, all of these devices are sold in huge numbers, which are growing rapidly. If not for these fees represent what happened? The crisis, however, only deepened. Apple still managed to achieve some relief, but if not for the truce, the campaign would be Apple lost. But the crisis and campaigns to counter him seems to have been a side effect.

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Side effect

Tim wasn’t too happy with the policy of trump

Challenging others to think differently (“Think Different 2019”), it is impossible not to get infected by this virus yourself. To zero, for I do not remember what reason, Steve suddenly spoke about how Apple works and how it works. He makes the decisions, but before this problem objectively and to reach full consensus on the key issues discussed in “brain tank” of the company (translated as “the brain trust”?), this is a dozen very smart, competent and responsible people who think outside the box. Faced with a serious threat to the brain trust of the company wondered how to exit with minimal losses and prevailing and folding all worse every day situation. One of them came up not quite adequate to the idea – “maybe we need to change something?” and lo and behold, they suddenly saw myself from the outside, and at first invisible to the outside world, and then more and more and more policies, Apple began to change.

It is my guess, colleagues with whom I discussed it not all agree with him (and you? Tell us in our Telegram chat), and still see a lot of “black holes” and contradictions in the actions of the company – but a company with a multibillion dollar turnover and a market capitalization exceeding one trillion dollars is very difficult to turn to another course. But the fact that they suddenly saw where their previous course, which could not lead the company to even more dire crisis of a few years, in my opinion, the fact.

MacBook Pro 16 iPhone 11, changes were made to the Mac Pro now that even the top management of the company (Craig Federighi, for example) recognize that the situation with the software development crisis, and it is urgently necessary to fix it – this is a fact. That will end this trade war (yet the parties agreed with each other, but the new trade agreement still is not), the lords of Apple will feel terrible fatigue, leave to rest, and then, fresh and rested, will return to what it was.

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