The trading volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum peaked in the end of 2017

In early April, Bitcoin was surprised by all the unexpected growth of the cryptocurrency has risen to 1,000 dollars in just a few hours. As a result, the Pampa trading digital assets experienced a sharp rise in volatility, which contributed to the formation of a global uptrends on the charts of many coins.

Results are visible already now — in recent days, the trading volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum reached its peak value. The last time bids were so actively at the end of 2017, when BTC was close to its new historic maximum.

On the way to the moon

For the bearish trend 2018, the market is gradually “squeezed”, leading to a strong reduction of public interest in the digital assets. The growth of trade volumes was noticeable while breaking the support zone of 6000 dollars, but it was rather a sign of complete domination of the bears.

Now the mood among market players has changed in the opposite direction — more and more cryptoexpert again waiting for the breakout now the resistance line of $ 6,000. By the way, some of them say about the fate of up to $ 7,500, after which sort will begin a new drain.

Trading activity is usually an important indicator of global market movements. In other words, if the fall in asset backed by a large number of transactions, then the situation is entirely under control of the bears. Fortunately, now they are replaced by bulls.

Bitcoin and Ethereum — the two largest cryptocurrency in the industry, so they pump will push to the growth of the total capitalization of all General digital assets. However, to write off fraud is not worth it. Bitwise recently, analysts found that 95 percent of all transactions that appear on major exchanges, are fake.

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