The transition on Ethereum Proof of Stake began with a Scam. How not to fall into the hands of fraudsters?

In April, we wrote a great article about the prospects of transition to the Ethereum Protocol PoS. It considered the weaknesses of the system, analyzed the details of Casper and at the same time learned opinion about him Vitalik Buterin. Network changes planned for 2018, but the exact date is unknown. It decided to use hackers right now who send out letters with fake sites and addresses.

The Ethereum Scam and PoS. Beginning

Today we received the e-mail with a return address Ethereum infо The authors reported on the transition of the system on Ethereum Proof of Stake, which will happen on August 15.

During the transition period, the network is supposedly working on a hybrid Protocol PoW/PoS, but during the second half of August, the blocks will be generated exclusively by PoS mechanism.

In the end, the scammers offer to join staking now. The story is similar to the truth — click on the button at the end of the letter.

Details of the scheme

Here the most interesting begins. Carefully look at the image. Below is the website offered by the scammers.

But the real resource of Ethereum.

It looks identical, but there is a difference. First, it is the domain “com” instead of the correct “org”, what many may forget. Secondly, the letter “u”, which the attackers replaced the “ụ”.

The guys even took the trouble to steal images. It’s a fake.

And here’s the original.

Then repeat all the way to animation create Autonomous and democratic organizations. Fake.

The original.

The difference is visible, but notice it is still difficult.

We continue to explore the website as if we didn’t see the catch. Fraudsters have reported about the launch of the PoS algorithm in Ethereum network. Here to paint its advantages: low cost of electricity, sending a Commission to the validator, decentralization of mining, and the probability of solving the block, the proportionate share of ownership.

The result of all of what was known before. Here the scammers are getting down to business. Since the mechanism of the PoS is supposed to be at an intermediate stage, to join stacking is only able of the registered address. The value of the ownership share determined by the volume of air that is in your wallet in a stationary state for the past seven days.

The Ethereum go to PoS. But not now

What you need to start staking? Right, to enter the private key in MyEtherWallet. Website happy redirects us to the purse, which is also a mistake. “Wallet” is written with one “l” and “t” — “ṫ”.

It’s funny that in the top of the page hangs a warning about phishing. And the tab is written correctly.

Options to lose money a lot. The crooks decided to be a gentlemen and recommended not to enter your private key. But the window left.

And best wallet or Ledger — all please.

By the way, MetaMask same warns and advises not to fall for phishing.

The idea of divorce seems trivial, but it was led kodlari/miners with experience. The website is extremely similar to the original, and check the address bar has not yet become a habit for many. Take care of loved ones and friends — tell us about the scheme. If there is new information, share in our cryptodata.

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