The trends in Google Play got Android malware

The desire of Google to comprehensive control is shattered on a banal inability to control even brand the app catalog. As said by the expert in the field of information security company ESET Lucas Stefanko, in Google Play for a long time wielded a batch of 13 Trojans, posing as a racing game and a driving simulator, which during its activity managed to fool more than half a million users.

According to Stefanko, in total, Trojans were downloaded at least 560 thousands of times, indicating the magnitude of the ongoing fraudulent campaign. But the worst thing about this story is that two malicious applications out of 13 were in trends and promoted by the algorithms of Google, some time was in full view of thousands of potential victims experiencing serious growth in the number of downloads.

The app asks to download additional components. What to do

Once installed on the device the user has found that they downloaded a racing game is something of a setup file, which offers to produce the preloading of the essential components. Consent, according to the users affected with a Trojan, led to the slowing smartphone and unnatural behavior, for example, displaying advertisements in applications and areas of the operating system where they shouldn’t be.

As he said Stefanko, he can’t say for certain what components were loaded on user devices. Most likely that this is just advertising BY showing banner ads on top of the OS interface, as well as staff and third-party applications. This is often IN addition to irritation of the users may have a negative impact on the performance of the infected devices, reducing the performance and battery life because of the need to maintain a connection with the remote server.

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