The trial version of WhatsApp comes with a talk in the invited groups

واتس آب تختبر ميزة ستسمح للمستخدمين بمن يمكن إضافتهم للمجموعات

About two weeks ago from now, a trial version of the application WhatsApp for iOS, and the company chose the new feature will make it easy for users to control whether they want to add to a group, in other words the possibility to control Call groups, and now appeared the same this feature or tools from the trial version again but supports the Android system.

Thanks to this feature users can avoid added to the group WhatsApp without their permission, to provide them with three levels to join groups WhatsApp, without it this feature is currently disabled in this demo version, but it is expected that we see in the trial version later be available for use.

Generally immediately enable the usage, time the user access this feature by going to Settings app and then the account follows privacy and Access section groups, that the sub-section to the above three options to control the support and…:

The first option is “everyone” which will allow anyone to add a user to a group without having to call, the third option is “contact me”, where will only for the definition in your contact list users add user to group, and there will be two others sent an invitation to the user, which can be accepted or rejected.

The second option is the “but one” where will the sentence from the add users to group WhatsApp, in other words you cannot add a user directly in the group, that gets asked every time he wants someone to add it to the group.

Finally, as we pointed out earlier, these tools are still in the testing phases the first from to the Android platform, and at the same time available for use on iOS, but by experimental, it is highly expected that we see in the main version of the app over the next few weeks.

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