The tricks and subtleties of the not many people know in the Facebook Messenger

Facebook is Messenger is chat application most used on phones, it has become part of everyday life for millions, since that made facebook the primary means of talks over its position with the spread of smart phones.

Since the app is talking with the time it is developed, it may not be everyone is familiar with all the advantages that are added to investigate all aspects of it, so we in this article are 5 of the more hidden in the app that may not know a lot of people.

1. Watch the website during the challenge

حيل وخفايا لا يعرفها الكثيرون في فيس بوك ماسنجر

Were you talking in the street to see your friend and want to know its location or know the location of you during the challenge? Facebook Messenger lets you that when the pressure on the treatment site, where the app lets you share your location for 60 minutes, where the website shows it moves in front of the person you share the site with him as soon as you click on the “share live location for 60 min”.

This property that did not come long time ago and probably doesn’t know their mission but it is of great importance in a lot of positions.

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