The Twitter add feature “project talks” to the person for offensive comments

تويتر تضيف ميزة "مشرف المحادثات" إلى بيرسكوب للحد من التعليقات المسيئة

Seeking Twitter to develop a service broadcast live to compete with other companies such as Facebook, but due to the presence of offensive comments during the broadcast, a lot of problems can occur which affects the service. However, the company announced the addition of the feature project talks to the application of a person to help with the problem.

The new feature from the author of the broadcast determine the persons to oversee the comments and conversations on the live streaming service, which is easy to delete and turn off the disparaging comments that appear during the broadcast.

It can be said that such an addition will help the company to limit the patent more than if the appointed project yourself accordingly, especially because of the linguistic and geographical diversity, which makes it difficult to understand the quality of the offensive content from one place to another or to know the goal of it.

The draft talks mute people who know the words of the unwanted, which is what prevents the person from re-entering the conversation until the expiration of the broadcast, and then supervisors can open a list of persons who have been mute them and ban them permanently from entering the operations Broadcasting new again if they want to.

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