The Twitter network may be shared personal data with advertisers without permission

Twitter Profile on Apple iPhone X

Yesterday, I stressed to us the tweets about the discovery of a new bug affecting the data that you share with advertisers. According to the company, has reported that there is a bug led to provide information about the users don’t have the authority not to advertisers. Moreover, they are also allowed on the most likely advertisers know what type of device you are using, and again without permission.

In a publication on the official blog, she explained the network of Twitter is that if you click on the ad or saw it on one of their own applications since May of 2018, you may be young you may share information such as his own code when interacting with the ad with the advertisers. Since September of 2018, the network might be showing ads based on the conclusions, which were built about the device you are using. The rest of that data I have a network of Twitter, and fixed a bug in Day 5 of August. However, police say they still limit the entities that may be affected by this bug.

You know, the tech companies, are Facebook, instead severe because of the participation of data users sensitive with advertisers. Although the Twitter network avoided most of the criticism, but this is not the first case in which it is facing. In the month of May last, caused a bug in the storage of some data places the users of iOS devices and share them by mistake, so once you sell access to this data to buy Global Science Research, which is the same company that harvested the data of Facebook users and shared them with Cambridge Analytica. Data may not be disclosed this time is very sensitive, but this case certainly will have a bad effect on the reputation of Twitter.


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