The Type Of Digest. Alibaba left her MA, 5G is on the way, “anti” external screw Adata HD830 trolling Apple Xiaomi

Good evening everyone, here is another selection of news about which we wrote in the past week, but they are still worth your attention. Go.

  • For a start, that in our countries probably can not happen. Jack MA is the founder and head of Alibaba — announced his departure from the company… for return to the educational segment! I don’t think it will work as a school teacher, but still. The presidency presented to the Executive Director David Sang. MA will continue to monitor the activities of their offspring until the autumn of next year, and a member of the Board of Directors will remain until 2020. Well, thank him for the revolution in the market.

  • The Boring Company showed how its employees manage some sort of huge machine by the controller for the Xbox. “Best video game ever”, signed his post by the company, and it is difficult to disagree.

  • Huawei can say thank you for two things that happened in the smartphone market over the last year. First, for a small revolution in the field of mobile cameras, and secondly, for his bold experiments with colors, including gradient. Already, many companies have begun to use the same. Even Samsung will release its first gradient smartphone. This is the new version of Galaxy A9 Star. Do you like it?

  • In the network appeared the leak, indicating the presence of CPU Ryzen 7 2800X ten cores. AMD said that the model with the same name will be released, but about 10 kernels I personally don’t believe it. Why? Because the architecture of the current Riesen is that there are two Quad-core module, 10 of which cores dazzle does not work. But the leak could not write.

  • Analysts believe that Samsung for the first time since 2013’s the end of the calendar year to sell 300 million smartphones. Not surprisingly, given the S9 and Note9 that differ little from last year.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note9 received from DxOMark 103 points, and for photos as much as 107 points. This is the same as the Huawei P20, although no new superpackage mode, samsa, no. In General, the ratings of all of these is not a good thing.
  • Tests of the new Nvidia cards will be published on September 19. September 21 will go on sale in 2080 RTX, RTX 2080 Ti is delayed until September 27. RTX 2070 in October.
  • In the United States launched the world’s first floating installation for collection of oceanic plastic. If someone does not know, read about the Great Pacific garbage patch. The installation is called System 001 will be able to collect up to 55 tons of garbage a year. The authors of the project hope to launch up to 60 such plants.

  • Just if someone missed. iPhone XS Max (and Yes, it is pronounced as ten es…Tunes max Max — action hero from the 80’s, damn it) weighs 208 g. This is the worst smartphone Apple in its history, and it’s screwed.
  • Statistics indicate that among the currently active smartphones Apple most iPhone devices 7 — of 17.34%. In second place iPhone 6s from 13.01%, and the third — the iPhone 7 Plus from 12.06%. Given that seven now starts with only 450 bucks, I think it will long remain the most common.
  • Verizon is ready to launch the world’s first commercial 5G network. It stretched over Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento. However, with 5G smartphones yet, but that’s nothing.
  • In California signed a law requiring all staff to 2045 needs to switch to renewable energy sources. More precisely, it says that all retail energy must be free from carbon emissions. Cool what to say.

  • Stock AMD updated 12-year high and continue to rise.
  • Social network “Vkontakte” in Ukraine is blocked, but the statistics interesting. According to her, the most popular iPhone model by which the network includes is iPhone 5s.

  • The all-new Apple smartphones, even the iPhone XS Max with 512 GB of memory for $ 1450, available with charger 5 W… Yes, I already wrote about this, just so you don’t forget.
  • Nvidia introduced a graphics adapter Tesla T4 for data centers and other similar tasks. It is based on the latest GPU TU104 (RTX 2080 uses the same, only with more cores), contains 2560 CUDA cores and consumes only 75 watts. Magic, really.

  • HD830 Adata external HDD with enclosure which can withstand the pressure of 3 tons. And protection against water and dust.

  • Master & Dynamic MW07 — completely wireless headphones that I want just because of the design. You just look at them. And the journalist of The Verge praised the sound. By the way, the external panels are made by hand and each has a unique pattern. Cost 300 bucks.

  • The Google Pixel 3 will be three colors: white, black and mint.

  • Xiaomi has given a curious offer, which is a direct trolling Apple. The company offers to buy the kits that called suite XR, XS, and XS suite Max set. Prices are fully consistent with the prices of the various models of iPhone. Only in sets in addition to smartphones, Xiaomi (Mi 8 Mix or 2S) even laptops, trackers and headphones. Really clear demonstration of how expensive novelties of Apple.

  • The new Nvidia cards will not only good performance, new technology and high prices. Still be under the Scanner, which will automatically really cool to overclock the video card. More specifically, Nvidia has released a Scanner API, which graphics card manufacturers will use in their application for overclocking. Look at the video, it seems, comes a mini-revolution in overclocking for the casual user.

  • In the first half of next year AMD will release new server processors Epyc. They are the first the company will move to the 7 nm process technology, the first will be based on the architecture of Zen 2. The top models will be 64 cores. And here’s the top model was allegedly tested in Cinebench R15. The result — 12 587 points. To make it clearer, now the absolute record of this discipline — 038 10 points. And it was achieved on a system with four (!) 24-core Xeon Platinum 8160. In short, very impressive but can be a fake. Although given that 32-nuclear Epyc 7601 gaining about 6000 points, it is quite real.

  • Our database benchmark Final Fantasy XV appeared the results of the new Nvidia cards. In the diagram, see the situation, and the numbers are as follows: RTX bypasses 2080 Ti GTX 1080 Ti 32%, and RTX bypasses GTX 1080 2080 36%. And the other day we were talking about 45-50%. Somehow sad.

  • Rumors attributed to Samsung’s intention to release a smartphone Galaxy line with A Snapdragon SoC 845. The company decided to play “cheap” flagship?
  • Well, Meizu campaign revealed the price of Meizu 16X, which will present on September 19. It will be 2,000 yuan or $ 290. That is, we will probably be about 11 000 UAH.

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