The Type Of Digest. Amazon ahead of Apple, Nokia 9 with nine cameras, AMD, Vega is better in 4K HDR and other

So this is another digest of missed news, which may still be of interest to you. Drove. Yes, we are still waiting for comments and suggestions on this format.

  • For many years it was the Apple called the one who the first will reach 1 trillion dollars in market capitalization. However, it is in this field for several years, there is a strong competitor. Amazon is moving toward the same goal much faster than the copertina. Now that being said, Apple is about 941,6 billion dollars, and Amazon — 908,9 billion While Apple shares over the past year increased in price by 28%, and Amazon shares — almost double! So this year, perhaps one of the companies to reach the coveted milestone.
  • Selfie Pay… I’ll wait while your imagination will draw you some game) is actually serious. MasterCard in November, will test such technology. It will allow you to approve purchases, no, not a selfie, and a wink to the camera of the smartphone. I don’t know whether it’s convenient, but I imagine that will be the first time laugh the sellers, observing at the box office, dozens of winking their smartphones people.
  • Nokia 9 could be the first smartphone on the market with a multi-camera Light. Here I was told that for development of the prepared Light. If laziness to follow the link, in short: smartphones can be camera, consisting of 5 to 9 modules. Due to the different focal lengths and such decisions have the potential to bring mobile photos to a whole new level. But whether so, while we can only guess.
  • An interesting test was conducted by the guys from ComputerBase. They decided to evaluate what kind of graphics card better behave when you activate HDR in 4K. It turned out that the Nvidia adapters much fail in this mode. That is FPS from turning on HDR much sags. Somewhere in the 10% vs 2% for AMD. In the end GTX 1080 merges Vega 64 even where HDR won.
  • Volvo is preparing a rival for Tesla Model 3. The Polestar model 2 should cost between 40 000 and 66 000 dollars. The electric car will get an electric motor producing 400 HP and a battery 560 km speed even in base. Imagine the car is supposed in March.
  • One of the largest transactions in the market of IT broke. Qualcomm doesn’t want to buy NXP for $ 47 billion. The reason for the refusal of Chinese regulators, who for two years did not bother to approve or block the deal. In the end, the deal is, but Qualcomm has yet to pay in favor of NXP’s $ 2 billion penalty.


  • Android already Oreo is 12.1 percent. Just so you know.
  • Meizu X8, apparently, will be the first smartphone with monopoly. Oh, Meizu, and you are there.

  • Vivo Nex with retractable camera successfully tested the Grand Inquisitor of modernity — blogger jerryrigeverything once. But Oppo Find X tests failed. Not enough hull strength. Do not bend this smartphone, if that. Although you still do not buy it.
  • Rumors attributed to Samsung’s intention to abandon lines of Galaxy J, Galaxy C and Galaxy On. Instead, they allegedly appear Galaxy R and Galaxy P. Just can not believe, for Galaxy J — the best-selling line of Samsung.
  • If you have a smartphone or Huawei Honor, forget about VLC player. Developers are tired of fighting with the features of EMUI, and no longer supports smartphones of these brands.
  • Intel has introduced a mini NUC PC with CPU Coffee Lake. Models eight and processors to three. Nothing really new, just an update.
  • Xiaomi Mi A2 allegedly received Quick Charge 4.0 but only in India. Strange somehow, but that’s what they say. Note that Snapdragon 660, which is the basis of this model, supports QC 4.0, but the Mi model 6X, which is the prototype for the Mi A2 — only QC 3.0. Implement QC 4.0 in General no one bothers you, why only in India?
  • Xiaomi has released the most expensive product. And it is a set of home furniture out of 25 items for 4500 dollars.

  • iPhone X yielded in the United States. Now there’s the best selling smartphone is the iPhone 8 Plus.
  • AMD reported for the second quarter. She was able to increase revenue on a huge 53% to an operating profit of 153 million dollars place loss a year earlier. Well done, AMD!
  • Lenovo again, now last time, introduced the smart display Smart Display (ha ha). It’s like Amazon Show, but with Google Assistant. In General, Google Home, only with the screen. Costs from $ 200.

  • New Apple iPro attributed to the lack of the headphone Jack. And yet the cutout in the screen and camera TrueDepth, but said it is still early.

  • 32-core AMD processor Ryzen Threadripper 2990X credited with the price of $ 1850. So much for “sell” in the store CanadaComptuers. But don’t worry, the announcement was not, so the price obviously with the ceiling. I think that will be a little cheaper.
  • And this “live” pictures smartphone iPhone X iPhone Plus and 9. Well, or their blanks, I’m not sure.

  • And here Pixel 3 XL. Now with a completely white back, but black aprons. Why so?

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