The Type Of Digest. Dancing robot, litter box with artificial intelligence, a huge power bank and triumph AMD

Good Sunday night. With your next issue of the news digest over the past week, which were not included in our lineup, but still quite interesting. Drove.

  • Intel, it seems, is preparing to release eight-core mobile CPU! At least in the 3DMark database lit one, belonging to the family Coffee Lake-H. determined the frequency of 2.1 GHz, but not the fact that she a will.
  • As it turned out, the Intel Core ninth-generation support up to 128 GB of RAM. Other CPU in this segment is limited to 64 GB. By the way, we recently wrote about the bunk modules Double memory Capacity DIMM. Apparently, their opening is due to the fact that the new Intel now support more memory. That is now a regular mother with four slots, you can fit 128 gigs, but if you bought one of the new Intel CPU.

  • On October 16 at the age of 65 years passed away Paul Allen — Microsoft cofounder. Cause of death was cancer.

  • Here’s a bit of a funk robot from Boston Dynamics Spot.

  • Amazon has released a new e-book Kindle Paperwhite. She stands protected from water (IPx8) and increased memory (8 or 32GB). And in General similar to the previous version. The price is from 130 to 250 dollars.

  • A little to clarify the situation with memory cards NM Card, which debuted in smartphones Mate 20. Is a standard developed by the Huawei. Why this was done, I personally is not very clear. Perhaps the company felt that the already influential enough in the market to try and impose its own standard, as it sometimes makes the Apple. But whether it will accept industry — the big question. It is possible that the Mate 20 the history of the NM Card and end. Anyway, about the card. So, they are much smaller microSD. In addition, they are fully compatible in contact with cards Nano-SIM. Simply put, if the smartphone supports two SIM cards, instead of one at the same place you can insert card NM Card. Of course, if the smartphone supports it. From the presentation of Huawei, it is clear that the data transfer rate promises 90 MB/s and a maximum amount of 256 GB.

  • But it is alleged Xiaomi Black Shark 2. There will be 845 Snapdragon processor and 8 GB of RAM.

  • 30 October, Apple will hold the event. It is believed that there will be at least two new tablets and PCs. One of the novelties may be the Mac mini, which hasn’t updated for four years. Moreover, it is believed that the new mini will be targeted at professionals, that is, in theory, will have more powerful hardware and a higher price.
  • Another portion of rumors indicates that in 2020 or 2021, Apple will release the first Mac with a processor of its own design. And it will be an ARM processor. Will be very interesting to see the result, although I think that the most that will come of this, to replace such CPU-level solution, Core m in the MacBook.
  • If you need sooooo capacious power bank, Mophie powerstation USB-C 3XL for you. The capacity of 26,000 mAh! The manufacturer positions it as an additional battery for Apple MacBook. There are USB ports and USB C. Maximum power — 45 watts. Price — 200 bucks.

  • But it Beddr SleepTuner. Sleep monitor that you want to glue to your forehead. It tracks your sleep, monitors the position of the body night measures the heart rate and so on. Costs $ 150.

  • Meizu after a few days introduce smartphone, Note 8. Presumably, he will receive a six-inch screen without a cut-out, SoC Snapdragon 636 and BATT 3500 mA·h. it Seems to be well off.
  • Looks like the rumors about Radeon RX 590, which should soon enter the market, were true. At least, the source says that the accelerator Asus is preparing. The idea is there will be GPU 30 Polaris, Polaris from which 20 will vary the 12-nanometer process technology and higher frequencies.
  • Watch Honor Watch, which apparently will be very similar to the Huawei Watch GT, will debut on October 31. While the settings data are not available, but the design will be exactly like this.

  • Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 58 — TV with 4K and HDR for only $ 435. Unfortunately, of course, not us.

  • Smartphone OnePlus 6T was going to present on October 30. However, it later became known that this day will be an Apple event. Because of this, the Chinese company decided to postpone the announcement on October 29.

  • Nvidia has added to its range of GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB of memory GDDR5X. Let me remind you, this memory is used in GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti. There its frequency on 10 and 11 GHz, respectively. A conventional GeForce GTX 1060 memory frequency 8 GHz (there is a version with 9 GHz). How much will the new, is unclear. I think it will be 10 GHz. Perhaps it was made just to compete with the Radeon RX 590.
  • The Google Pixel 3 found fun feature. It turns out that part of its screen is not used. It goes off immediately after turning on the smartphone to the corners were more rounded.

  • And this cat toilet Footloose with artificial intelligence. On Kickstarter it has already gathered almost $ 600,000.

  • Nokia X7 will be released on the international market under the name Nokia 8.1, not 7.1 Nokia Plus, as previously thought.

  • The share of AMD CPU sales major German store Mindfactory rose to 74%. This is due to the rising price of Intel processors. I think pretty much the same situation now in most markets of the world.

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