The Type Of Digest. Elon Musk is saving the children Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium weighs like a brick, Russian laptop for half a million rubles and more

Type-a Digest of last week, like, went well, so let’s try to continue. We still value your comments, feedback, criticism and constructive proposals to finished the given format and turn it into a permanent interest to you category.

In this issue, we slightly changed the flow, sharing news on those that are a little more interesting, and those are slightly less interesting. So, let’s go.

  • This week ended the Thailand operation to rescue children locked in the cave. Group of kids with their coach went for a walk through the caves, but flooding due to seasonal rains, blocked the exit. Children were missing, but eventually found. First they said, the rescue operation could take months, but all done faster. Additional excitement in the subject has made Elon Musk, who offered his help. In particular, experts SpaceX quickly riveted a tiny submarine that was supposed to help in the rescue of children. However, rescuers abandoned, although later it became known that she refused not the lifeguard, and former Governor of the province. By the way, Musk personally delivered the submarine to Thailand, so just to accuse him of PR is hardly appropriate. In General, all saved, all is well and the operation was attended by two Ukrainian divers.

  • Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium became available for pre-order in different countries. The price is amazing, otherwise not say. In the USA asking 1000 dollars, and in Russia, and did 80 000! However, give different buns, and those who pre-order will issue, give pricey headphones Ear Duo, but 80 000! By the way, this smartphone weighs 236 g wild, and I don’t know how such a mass.

  • New high-end platform Samsung Exynos 9820, which will be the basis for Galaxy S10 will be very unusual. She will get three clusters CPU: a couple of Mongoose M4 cores of its own design Samsung, a pair of cores Cortex-A75 or A76 and four Cortex-A55. Tracklisting in my memory there was only one platform — MediaTek Helio X30. By the way, GPU will have Exynos Mali 9820-G76 MP18.

  • Russia issued laptop home development. It’s called ЕС1866 and interesting because it is based on the Russian processor “Elbrus 1C+” and running on Russian OS “Elbrus”. This is a secure unit for the military. And it will cost the military up to 500,000 rubles apiece.

  • Soon the market should go first blockchain smartphone Sirin Finney. It will cost $ 1000, will get a very unusual design with the second display, and some software that will act as your virtual broker. In General, it is unclear what kind of fruit, but looks original.

  • If you feel that your Google Chrome browser has become more to eat, congratulations, don’t you think. That is the bad news: Chrome really began to use more RAM. This is due to the activation of Site Isolation technology, which is designed to deal with the consequences of vulnerabilities Spectre and Meltdown.

  • In India serious rapidly gaining popularity the operating system KaiOS. It is based on Linux and is the operating system for normal push-button phone. She is far behind Android and iOS, but and eat less. Now it is Facebook and WhatsApp, but the deal with Google will add Google Assistant, Google Maps and YouTube. KaiOS has already overtaken iOS in India and took 17.2 per cent. Perhaps, will soon get to us.

  • Apple’s new MacBook Pro, in addition, received a more powerful CPU, and, apparently, devoid of the keyboard problems, still can boast of the fastest drives in the segment. According to the source, the speed really reaches 2500 MB/s, whereas at other top-end laptops it gets even up to 400 MB/s.


  • Samsung has launched its largest plant for the production of smartphones in India. The factory will be to rivet around 50-55 million units a month!
  • Huawei released EMUI 8 based on Android Oreo for seven smartphones. This Huawei Mate 8, Huawei P9, P9 Plus Huawei, Honor 8, Honor V8, Note 8 and Honor Play Honor 6X.
  • News on “Japan, what the fuck?”. There let the robot Big Clapper cost 4500 bucks, who only knows how to clap and shout chants of encouragement. Don’t ask who need it.

  • Someone out there doubted on the subject of economic war, the US and China? Here’s a fact. In China much more expensive Tesla cars. For 22-37 thousand dollars. Musk is already negotiating with the Chinese authorities on the construction of a factory there.
  • Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ has finally started to receive the update to Android Oreo. Yes, in this matter, Samsung is clearly not a leader.
  • The Intel found another vulnerability. A new version of the Spectre. Details you to anything, just be aware of this.
  • Nintendo Switch, according to analysts, will become the best selling console in 2018, beating the PS4. There the owners of the switches?
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note9 credited with a base price of $ 1160. Do not believe me, but keep in mind.
  • Analysts IDC and Gartner have recorded in the past quarter of growth in PC sales in annual terms. If anything, this is the first time in six years!
  • Waymo the company now uses only the Hybrid minivans the Chrysler Pacifica. Soon her fleet will have brand-new electric crossover Jaguar I-Pace. Now Waymo already testing these cars.

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