The Type Of Digest. Google tests Android 10, Bitcoin all the couple of Pixels and the smartphone is LG with 16 cameras

Good day to all, here is another digest of missed news. Today he is going out early, so drove.

  • We will start with the next batch of rumors about Sony PS5 console. New data indicate that the announcement is already in the middle of next year. However, the sale will be in 2020. It is also reported Ryzen OCTA-core CPU and price tag of $ 500.
  • Three cameras back did not impress, so the Meitu company, which recently signed an agreement with Xiaomi will release a smartphone with triple frontalka. Model MP1801 five cameras, three of which will be located in the front. And yet the novelty will receive a OLED screen, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB of flash memory and BATT 3400 mAh.

  • If you important Android Pie for Asus Zenfone 5Z will be released in January.
  • Xiaomi has hit the Guinness Book of records. The company opened more than 500 branded stores in India. This whole record.
  • Bitcon fell to 3700-3800 dollars. All or popadaetsya?
  • Need more flagship smartphones? New rumors claim that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will not exist in three and in four versions! The fourth allegedly received 5G, the huge screen is 6.7 inches and the main camera with four modules. Chet can’t believe it.

  • Google is already testing Android Q on their smartphones. Our database Geekbench lit Pixel 3 XL with this OS.
  • Xiaomi is preparing to release an e-book. I wonder how much it will cost, because these devices are enough available.
  • Chrome still needs to go to Windows 10 on ARM. It is reported that on the Google browser works with Microsoft.
  • Rumors of Apple credited with the intention to release MediaTek like the Amazon Fire TV for their forthcoming video service.
  • The Seasonic line Focus Plus is incompatible with some graphics cards. For example, Asus GeForce GTX 970 Strix. Can also be manufactured Radeon RX Vega Vega 56 and 64. Be careful if you want to buy such a PSU.
  • Slightly amusing statistics. Every hour in the US people damage the screens 5761 smartphone. Last year 66% of users had somehow damaged the display.
  • When the first Moto Z Motorola has promised to keep the compatibility of the modules within three generations of the smartphone. She kept her promise, and it is unclear whether modular Moto Z4. But rumors say they will. True, not the fact that older modules will fit.
  • Something like this might look Galaxy M2. He will 7885 Exynos, 3 GB of RAM and a Full HD screen+.

  • OS Fuchsia, as some believe, created Google as a replacement for the Android, although the company itself did not claim this. Indirect confirmation for this may be that the Fuchsia is now being tested with Huawei smartphone Honor Play. After all, if it is not a substitute of Android, why would the Chinese company to test it? But the reasons may be, we just unclear.
  • But this is a family photo of the couple Pixels. Left — kid Pixel 3 Lite, which has already overtaken older brother Pixel 3.

  • And this white Galaxy Note9. As for me, it is.

  • In a group chat Viber can now be up to 1 billion users. We do not know about the population?
  • Logitech can buy Plantronics over $ 2.2 billion.
  • For the first time in the history of SpaceX will deliver astronauts to the ISS in June of next year. Will disappear and the era of monopoly of the Russian “Unions”.
  • And finally, here’s the image from the LG patent describing a smartphone camera with 16 sensors.

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